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What do you do when your client needs working capital? Send them to the bank?

Bad news. Banks aren't lending to small businesses. In fact, banks are currently denying 82% of small business loan applications, leaving nearly 14 million small businesses without the capital they need. How are you supposed to help your clients?

A booming industry of non-bank lenders have stepped in to fill the void left by the banks, making billions of dollars in loans to small businesses. However, filtering through these non-bank lenders can be a long and intimidating process.

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The solution? The Fundera Advisor Program.

As a Fundera Advisor, you will be given all the tools needed to help your clients successfully obtain working capital.

Fundera is the easiest way to find and secure a small business loan. With one application, small businesses can apply to and access multiple offers from online lenders, ensuring they get the lowest-cost loan in the fastest amount of time.

Why SMBs Leave Their CPA

Did not give proactive advice, only reactive
Poor responsiveness
Referral to new firm from someone I trust
Lack of expertise
Fees were too high
Not using stat-of-the-art technology
Inadequate staff to meet needs
No personal relationship
Poor reputation
Sleeter groupRole in decision (scale of 1 - 10)
Source: "What SMBs Want from Their CPA" - The Sleeter Group, March 2014

What it Means to Be a Fundera Advisor

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Help Your Clients with a Pressing Need

Access to capital is one of the most pressing issues small businesses face. You should proactively help your clients find a solution before it becomes an emergency.

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Grow Your Revenues

Immediately add more revenue (either through billable hours or a flat-fee) to your business with a loan preparation service (revenue around $250-500 per client). Additionally, you have the option to receive a referral fee from Fundera equal to 1% of the loan amount.

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Increase Your Value-Added Services

The number one reason a small business changes accountants is because they aren’t offering proactive advisory services. As a Fundera Advisor, you can add loan preparation services to your practice, helping to evolve your business into the type of firm your clients are seeking.

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Be Part of a Team Solving Big Problems

Once you join us as an Advisor, you become part of our team. We are fiercely focused on opening up credit access to small business owners. If that gets you excited, we can't wait to meet you.

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