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Small Business Roundup – Week of 4/14

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2014 Looking Bright for Small Business
Looks like this year could be a good one for small businesses, according to a new projection by Kiplinger, a publisher of business forecasts. Small businesses tied to construction, home maintenance, healthcare and energy may see some of the biggest improvements.
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Small Business Web-Ads Aren’t Reaching Targets
Are you spending money with online advertising companies like ReachLocal and Yodle? A new study suggests that these firms may be missing the mark in targeting the right customers for your small business.
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For Small Business, Technology is Creating, not Costing, Jobs
Technology is changing fast, and in some cases, displacing whole industries and professions. But a new study by Boston Consulting Group (BCG), a consultancy, suggests that small businesses which leverage technology experience 10% greater job growth and 11% greater revenue growth.
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Small Business, Big Mistake
Allowing my investors to handpick my management team
To kick off their new series on small business owners who share their biggest mistakes, Washington Post welcomes Dan Kim, the founder of Red Mango. Dan shares his difficulties with building a team after initially being overly optimistic and eager about potential hires, particularly at the management level.
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Beat the Market
Trade Show Strategies Help Small Business
Are you exhibiting or attending trade shows for your small business? Frankel Staffing Partners and other businesses share their success stories and provide tips and best practices for being noticed at your next show.
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The Small Business Professor
Stretching a Small Marketing Budget
What should you do if you have limited dollars for marketing? The Sacramento Bee shares a question-and-answer session with Bruce Freeman, an adjunct professor of entrepreneurship and self-proclaimed expert at “champagne marketing on a beer budget”.
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