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Reviewing small business news for the week of 5/11.

Small Business Roundup — Week of 5/11

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Small Business Sentiment Jumps in April
A new survey from the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) shows small business optimism rising to the highest levels since October 2007.
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Health law’s premium calculation confounds some small businesses
Two provisions of the Affordable Care Act are leading to confusion and increasing rates for younger, healthier workers, according to some small-business leaders interviewed by The Denver Post.
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Why Facebook and Twitter are courting small businesses
Twitter kicked off the week by inviting hundreds of small business owners to its corporate offices. Facebook has been showcasing successful clients. Why the big push for small business attention?
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Small Businesses Struggle to Keep Main Street Humming
New costs, regulations, and other complications can make every day seem more difficult than the last. NBC News shares some small business survival strategies.
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The Complications of Choosing a Small Business Credit Card
Unfortunately, the new CARD Act only protects consumers, and not small business owners–so what approach should entrepreneurs take to choosing their business credit card?
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Small Businesses See Value in Free WiFi for Customers, Employees
Nearly eight in 10 businesses offering WiFi said that it helped to keep customers happy while they wait, and nearly two-thirds said it encourages repeat business.
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