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Why Xero is the Perfect Choice for Creatives

You know those special moments in your life that you’ll remember forever and ever. Your first kiss? Your first plane ride? The first time you fell in love with an accounting software?

Whoa, what? Falling in love with an accounting software sounds impossible. But, it’s true. I remember the first time I met Xero. I was a staff accountant, drowning in spreadsheets and working between three systems that didn’t talk to each other and hating life.

Then, I stumbled across this product called Xero. It almost feels like yesterday when I read their tagline, “Beautiful accounting software” with Tiffany blue-esque coloring. I knew that this product was going to change my life.

And it did. I started a bookkeeping business and based the majority of my business on helping beauty and fashion professionals with their finances. They loved Xero because they felt comfortable using it and because of their profession, they thoroughly appreciated the attention paid to design.

Other than design and the gorgeous aesthetics, Xero has a few key features that are beneficial to you as a proud creative entrepreneur.

    1. It’s smarter than your smartphone. If you’re doing your books yourself, Xero makes it really easy to set up memorized transactions so that you don’t have to manually enter and reconcile every single transaction. This is known as their bank rules feature. If you’re working with an accountant, they will absolutely love it.
    2. One big happy family. Xero integrates with over 350 add-ons. If you have to manage inventory, payroll, a CRM tool and a project management tool, they can all be linked to your Xero account so that everything that relates to your business and its finances are in one place.
    3. Free gifts every few weeks. Ok, maybe not literally. But, the software does have updates every 3-6 weeks. Unlike standard desktop accounting products, their updates are automatic and at no additional charge to you.
    4. Fabulous small business resources. It’s hard wearing a million hats as a business owner while also being an expert in marketing, SEO, admin and everything else! The free small business guides on Xero’s website are a fantastic resource to help you figure out accounting and all other aspects of a business.
    5. A company’s culture is everything. Xero prides itself on innovation, creativity and celebrating the human element of business. Whenever you engage with them on Twitter or with a member of their customer support team, they treat you like a person who has dreams and aspirations. Also, their customer support is actually Xero employees so they can walk over and chat with the product engineers to get immediate answers or provide feedback. This is unique as many businesses outsource their customer support to another company. And it’s especially helpful during that period of business when you aren’t yet working with an accountant and are seeking guidance.

Xero started the cloud accounting trend, and if you are thinking about moving your accounting to the cloud, it’s a fantastic solution to consider. “Xero is helping lead the cloud-technology age and is bringing small businesses on that transformational journey. Xero is addictive, fun and beautiful,” says Leanne Graham, former New Zealand Country Manager for Xero.

I agree with Leanne. Whether you’re working with an accountant or handling the bookkeeping yourself, Xero makes it easy, and dare I say fun!, to handle your small business finances.

Danetha Doe

Contributor at Fundera
Danetha Doe is a cloud accounting expert and CEO of Danetha Doe Consulting, a business development agency for luxury brands. Known as the Lady Accountant, she has been featured on Huffington Post Live with Suze Orman, Accounting Today, and YFS Magazine as a guest accounting expert. She is the president of Future of Accounting, a professional community of 300 accountants interested in technology, and an advisor to several accounting software companies. Sign up for her weekly newsletter, #MoneyandMimosas, for fun accounting tips hand- delivered to your inbox every Monday morning.

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