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We’re Updating Our Usage Policies

Effective March 1st, 2015, we’re updating our Usage Policies, including our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Secure Application Service Agreement. At a high level, we are making revisions and edits based on our experience working with customers over the past year since our public launch. For specifics, we recommend perusing the actual documents themselves, but we’ll provide a quick overview of the major thematic changes here.

Transparent Annotations

We are adding notes and annotations to our Usage Policies in plain language, to help you pick through legal language that feels obscure. While these annotations are not a legal part of the contract, we nonetheless feel they provide useful interpretation and details that can help you get clarity on our policies.

SMS Reminders

We’ve found that some business owners prefer to keep in touch with their application statuses through text messages, or SMS. Our new policies allow us to send you these messages–but they are intended entirely for your convenience and information, and you can stop them at any time.

Clarity on Process & Authorizations

One of the reasons why business owners use Fundera is the ability to check suitable loan matches without submitting an application or having credit checked. We’ve making this feature more clear by incorporating a Terms of Service for the Fundera service as a whole, and a Secure Application Service Agreement specifically for when specifically confirm that you want to move forward with a formal loan application.

We sincerely believe these changes will help us continue to improve your experience with Fundera. If you have any questions at all, we encourage you to reach out to us at Thanks so much!

Kevin Zhang

Head of Product at Fundera
Kevin focuses on product management at Fundera, including product planning, user research, visual & experience design, and partner integrations. His goal is to help Fundera create a service that's easy, fast, empowering and honest for business owners in search of financing.

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