BizCounsel Review 2021: Pricing, User Reviews, Alternatives

Every small business is bound to have legal questions at some, or several, points during their lifetime—from choosing the right business entity to hiring employees to establishing contracts with vendors, and more. And because not every business can have in-house legal counsel, there are online legal services to provide the help you need, when you need it.

One such option is BizCounsel, which has attorneys at the ready to answer any and all of your small business legal questions.

BizCounsel, from the founders of LegalZoom, offers legal experts to assist with a variety of small business needs. In this BizCounsel review, we’ll explore what this service offers, pricing, user reviews, alternatives, and more. Let’s get started.

BizCounsel Features

BizCounsel provides assistance for a variety of legal needs, including:

As we’ll explain in more detail below, BizCounsel offers a variety of subscription plans. Each of the plans comes with some level of custom document drafting, including:

  • Non-disclosure agreement
  • Promissory note
  • Debt collection letter
  • Cease and desist
  • Employment agreement
  • Demand letter
  • Independent contractor agreement
  • Website privacy policy
  • Website terms and conditions
  • Consulting agreement
  • SAFE agreement
  • Convertible note agreement

Another important feature to note is the BizCounsel Client Portal, which allows business owners to self-schedule a consultation with their attorney, as well as upload contracts or legal documents for review, contact tax services team, update their registered agent, get in touch with customer support, and change any personal information associated with their account.

Because BizCounsel employees attorneys from all over the country, you can be sure that there will be a lawyer who knows the laws of the state in which your business operates. Aside from being state-specific, their lawyers also specialize in various areas of law so that you can be sure you’re working with someone familiar with your exact legal needs.

BizCounsel Pricing

Basic Premium Pro
$89 per month
$129 per month
$189 per month
Unlimited attorney consultations, flat-rate document drafting, registered agent services
Everything in the Basic plan plus 2 contract reviews (10 pages or less), on-call tax advice, discounted personal and business tax prep
Everything in the Premium plan plus 2 contract reviews (15 pages or less), $50 credit per month for custom document drafting
Best For
Small businesses with limited budget that are just in need of legal documents to get off the ground
Small businesses that have never done business taxes before and need the assistance
Bigger-budget small businesses that want to get everything in one spot and probably run a service business that requires more contract work

As you can see from the above table, BizCounsel offers three subscription plans, each of which offers varying levels of service. Each package is designed to benefit small business owners and ensure that their business runs smoothly and efficiently when it comes to their legal compliance.

Since small business budgets typically don’t include funds to pay for costly legal services by the hour or paying a retainer, BizCounsel offers a more cost-effective solution to get the legal help you need.

BizCounsel User Reviews

BizCounsel has an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau and has been an accredited BBB business since 2019. While no business has all positive reviews, with the negative reviews that BizCounsel does get, they seem to do their best to address them and remedy the situation.

Among the many positive reviews, the common theme among reviewers is that the lawyers are very attentive, knowledgeable, and understanding—and people felt their money was well-spent based on the advice and services they got in return. Reviewers also span several industries, which is a good sign for BizCounsel’s experience working across industries.

On the other hand, it is also important to note the not so great things that customers have said about BizCousel. Among the negative reviews, users have complained about having difficulty scheduling appointments with their attorneys. Another thing to take into consideration is that the hourly cost of attorneys varies significantly depending on where you live, so in some cases, the prices at BizCounsel won’t be cheaper than what you could find going with a local law firm, and that’s something reviewers have noted as well.

Also worth noting, their website isn’t the most user friendly or easy to navigate, and based on reviews, that doesn’t get better once you become a member. Some older reviews mentioned the absence of a user dashboard to easily schedule an appointment with an attorney; however, as of May 2020, BizCounsel has added their Client Portal to make scheduling easier. Beyond the Client Portal, users are also able to call BizCounsel’s Customer Relations line from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. PT Monday through Friday or email to schedule an appointment with an attorney.

BizCounsel Pros and Cons

With this information in mind, let’s take a closer look at where BizCounsel shines, and where it could improve.

Green checkmarkPros
  • Created by the founders of LegalZoom, another popular online legal service
  • Reasonable prices for small businesses on a budget
  • Don’t have to pay per hour to speak to an attorney
  • Get matched with an attorney experienced in your industry
  • Client portal for all scheduling and document uploading
Red X markCons
  • Might take time to schedule time with your attorney
  • Before you can get started, you need to answer some questions to see if your business qualifies
  • Website isn’t the easiest to navigate
  • Your individual experience will vary based on attorney and business needs
  • May not have as many offerings as other online legal services
  • While the client portal is helpful, it’s not easy to find on the website

BizCounsel Alternatives

Starting a business already comes with so many decisions that have to be made, but it’s especially important to weigh all your options when it comes to legal matters. After all, dealing with the aftermath of legal documents being filed incorrectly or other issues that come up can be even more costly and time inefficient. Before you decide if BizCounsel is right for your business, consider these top alternatives.


It’s only natural that LegalZoom would be a competitor of BizCounsel, since they were born from the same minds. Businesses that don’t want to commit to a membership price could benefit from the individual pricing that LegalZoom offers. LegalZoom offers services like attorney consultations, contract and document reviews, unlimited downloads of documents that have been created, access to tax professionals and exclusive discounts.

Since LegalZoom offers a different pricing structure, each service (like registering a DBA name) comes with its own package options—this would be a good alternative for a small business that is just looking for assistance on one specific document or service and doesn’t need all the bells and whistles of a full membership program.

Get Started With LegalZoom

Rocket Lawyer

Also worth considering is Rocket Lawyer, as they offer legal document drafting and review, attorney consultations, free incorporation filings for new members, and registered agent services. The amount of each service you get depends on if you go with their premium membership option or the non-member option.

Their Premium membership goes for $39.99 per month, but you can also choose services on an à la carte basis, which is the non-member pricing. Both options come with a seven-day free trial, with charges starting automatically after that. The non-member pricing offers flat rates for services on a one-time, one-question, or one-document basis. Since Rocket Lawyer does offer similar services at a much cheaper price, small businesses just starting out, and that don’t have funding or other capital yet, would benefit the most from this alternative.

Get Started With Rocket Lawyer


USLegal offers document services on topics such as business incorporation, confidentiality agreements, dividends, mergers and acquisitions, along with many others. The Basic plan starts at just $8 per month and gives customers access to unlimited legal forms. The Premium plan, at $15 per month, offers everything in the basic plan, plus additional documents that aren’t specific to business, but might come in handy. For businesses on an especially tight budget with more minor legal needs, this could be a good BizCounsel alternative.


Lastly, eForms offers business documents like bill of sale, loan agreements, non-compete agreements, promissory notes and release forms. This service offers three different plan options, a monthly plan, a single document plan and an annual plan. The monthly plan is free for seven days and then $39.99 per month after that. The annual plan is $199 per year, and the per document option comes in at $45 per document.

If you’re operating a small business that is just in need of document creation, review or setup for e-signatures, eForms will provide that at a low price, especially if there is only one or a few documents you need. No need to pay for services that you aren’t going to use when an option like this exists.

The Bottom Line

Many businesses need legal help on a case-by-case basis, so paying $89 (minimum) a month, every month, when they might not need any help for a few months at a time could be a deterrent for many small business owners.

There’s a lot of things BizCounsel does right, though. They offer three subscription plans that will meet the needs of many small business owners and each includes a number of services. Since their services range from document drafting to business tax preparation to contract reviews, BizCounsel is best for businesses that are looking for a one-stop-shopping experience for all of their legal needs.

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