Durango Merchant Services Review 2020

Choosing the right merchant services provider for your small business can make a world of difference when it comes to collecting payments and storing payment information. But there are so many to choose from, how can you be sure you’re making the right decision for your business?

The best way to go about it is to make sure you have all of the relevant information before deciding on a merchant services provider. Different services offer a variety of benefits that may be better suited for certain business over others.

When it comes to high-risk merchants, Durango Merchant Services is one of the most cited service providers due to the fact that it specializes in high-risk merchant accounts and allows for multiple currencies. This automatically makes it a better fit for some businesses than others. Keep reading for more details about Durango Merchant Services.

What Is Durango Merchant Services?

Durango Merchant Services is a company based out of Durango, Colorado, that acts as a merchant account provider to its customers. The company has been in business for over 15 years and has been helping high-risk businesses get approved since then.

They partner with a number of banks to get businesses approved and up and running with a merchant account. They’re also good for companies that need international merchant accounts. If you do business outside of the United States or in currencies other than the U.S. dollar, Durango can help accommodate that. They can also help companies get credit card terminals, mobile payments, online shopping integration and more.

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What Features Does Durango Merchant Services Offer?

Durango offers customers a range of services like most merchant service providers do, though there are a few that help set the company apart. They offer services for small businesses that are in typically high-risk industries or industries with a reputational risk. They also offer businesses solutions for processing internationally with various currencies. Both of these things can be the reason your business might be rejected by another merchant services provider, so Durango offers a good reliable alternative.

This makes Durango a good option for certain businesses like those associated with travel, ticket sales, annual memberships, and more.

The company also says they work with businesses to help get their merchant accounts approved even if they’ve been denied previously. Durango has solutions for five specific challenges businesses face while trying to set up their merchant accounts with merchant services. Those challenges and solutions include getting past a low credit score, being in a high-risk industry, dealing with a variety of currencies, and more.

Pros of Durango Merchant Services

High-Risk Solution

One of the biggest pros of Durango Merchant Services is that it can help small businesses find finance solutions that would be otherwise difficult to find or acquire. They specialize in high-risk business and those with bad business credit, something some merchant services providers won’t go anywhere near. If you do business internationally, or you’re dealing with various currencies, Durango Merchant Services would also be a good option for you.

Free Rate Quotes

They also give businesses free quotes, so you can see how much it would cost you to use their services without spending any money up front.

Quick Setup

When it comes to security, Durango Merchant Services offers certain services that help businesses protect their customers. Users of Durango Merchant Services report that the setup process is fairly quick, so they’re able to start accepting charges fairly quickly. Additionally, businesses that work with Durango Merchant Services in the United States have the money from their transactions deposited into their accounts in just one to three days.

Fraud Protection Services

Every account with Durango Merchant Services also comes with anti-fraud services and fraud protection to help keep things secure.

Customer Service

Customers with Durango Merchant Services have highlighted customer service as one of the biggest positives of the experience with Durango. As a customer you get an account manager to work with regularly and ask any questions.

Cons of Durango Merchant Services

Unknown Cost

It’s hard to tell whether the fees associated with Durango Merchant Services are a downside or not because they haven’t been disclosed. But users who have reviewed the company say any high fees are due to the fact that they work with high-risk industries.

Durango Gateway Integration

The Durango gateway allows customers to completely pay without changing websites, but it can’t be integrated with every single bank the company works with. Some businesses might prefer to have an integrated gateway no matter what so this could be a drawback. The company says, “Please note: We work with several banks worldwide, and Durango’s Gateway will not be used with every bank. To avoid confusion, please ask your account manager if you will be using our gateway before beginning integration.”

What Users Say

Durango Merchant Services customers report good experiences with the sales and support teams with the company. That support goes a long way with small business owners.

Additionally, small business owners are pleased with Durango because it was one of the few places some of them could get the services they needed.

Durango Merchant Services only has one complaint listed with the Better Business Bureau and otherwise has five star reviews from customers and an A+ rating from the BBB. That rating is based on things like the time the company has been in business, any advertising issues, the transparency of the company, and more.[1]

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Which Businesses Is Durango Merchant Services Best For?

Durango Merchant Services is best for those businesses that are seen as “high risk” and that have a hard time finding merchant services elsewhere. If you’re in a business that’s considered high risk, then they might be the merchant services provider for you. They do also work with low-risk businesses as well; they aren’t isolated to high-risk ones.

Which Businesses Are Considered High Risk?

Businesses that are considered “high risk” are those that are associated with more risk or possible liability than some other businesses might be. Examples of these high-risk businesses are typically those that involve annual memberships, electronics sales online, debt and bail bond services, anything involving multi-level marketing, online auctioning, online travel services, and more. Durango offers a list of business types that are considered high risk on their website.

Some characteristics of businesses, rather than the business itself, are also a reason a merchant might be considered “high risk.” These include businesses that have poor credit, or a guarantor with poor credit, a business that deals with what are considered deliverable products, and businesses with high-risk credit card processing fees, like chargebacks rates.

Pricing With Durango Merchant Services:

The pricing for opening an account with Durango isn’t readily available on the company’s website. “We work with several banks worldwide, and pricing varies widely by country and between business models,” says the company website.

Small business owners can access a free quote for the pricing of Durango’s services online though. The free quote option is available right on the Durango website, but business owners do have to fill out an application to get a quote.

To get a quote you’ll need some information about your business. The average ticket size, monthly volume, age of the company, and more are all key bits of information for Durango to use to come up with an estimate. They should contact you, their possible customer, about the quote within 24 hours of the information being submitted, they say.

The site does say that they offer free merchant account setup with terminal purchases; rates associated with that are as low as 1.39%. The cost of the terminals range from as low as $129, and they offer mobile adaptor options as well.

Alternatives to Durango Merchant Services

Durango Merchant Services isn’t the only merchant services company out there. Depending on your business type and the amount of business you do, there might be another alternative that better suits you better. Or maybe you have a business that is high risk but another merchant services provider specializes in your business type. Below are some alternatives to consider:

Soar Payments

This company also offers merchant services to businesses in those mid- and high-risk industries. Fantasy sports, travel and timeshares, and seminars and life coaching are some of the types of industries listed on their site. They also work with businesses that might have poor credit, charge no application fee, and have personal customer support.

A list of industries that they don’t serve, which can be a helpful timesaver upfront, can be found on the Soar Payments website. Any businesses dealing with debt collection, gambling, debt relief. and more can be sure the company won’t serve as their merchant services provider.

Host Merchant Services

Host Merchant Services also caters to the high-risk businesses that need merchant accounts. “We believe that just because a merchant is in a high-risk category does not mean that they deserve second class service,” according to their site. They have good reviews with the Better Business Bureau, and their site is littered with positive reviews from customers.  

Some fees are already listed and public online for any small business owner to check out, but they can also get a free quote by submitting details about their business. The free quote from Host Merchant Services would likely give you a better idea about how much the services would cost for your specific business.

Payline Data

This service is only available for those doing business within the U.S. They also offer some fraud protection similar to that offered by Durango. The fraud protection is meant to help prevent some possible chargebacks as well.

The fees for Payline Data are actually available on the website as is a calculator that you can use to input your monthly costs and get an estimate. You can either apply online or schedule a call to speak with a representative payments expert about using Payline.

Making the Decision on a Merchant Services Provider

Depending on the level of risk associated with your business, you might decide to go with a certain merchant services provider. Durango Merchant Services specialized in high-risk businesses that might have been turned down elsewhere previously.

They help businesses that might be seen as risky or those with poor credit get the business solutions they need to start processing payments. If your business isn’t high risk, you might not necessarily need to go with a company that specializes in that, as sometimes they have higher fees.

Before making any decisions, get a free quote based on your business’s specifics, and compare them. Also consider the amount of customer care and service you might require and whether or not you’re planning to do business solely in the U.S. or whether you might want to do business internationally.

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