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5 Examples of Ecommerce Businesses Standing out From Their Competition

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As the online ecommerce competition grows, it is essential the new ecommerce businesses stand out from their competition. They must find ways to demonstrate their value to compete against the Amazons of the world. When online stores can offer new and improved products, a connection with their customers, or a charitable cause, it can greatly influence buyers.

Here are five ways that help businesses stand out from their competition and examples of companies that are implementing these techniques.

1. Exciting New Products: Jeulia Jewelry

If you have exciting or unique new products that are cutting-edge, you will definitely stand out from the crowd. When your products are the same as everyone else, it will be very hard to differentiate yourself. When all other factors seem about the same, the price is usually the determining factor. You’ll have to lower your profit margins to compete.

Staying on top of ecommerce trends and up-to-date with emerging technology can give you the advantage. If you are the first to the market with a particular product, you’ll be more likely to make sales. You could also innovate and develop products of your own.  

New products will generate buzz and excitement for your online store. If you are the only one selling the product, you’ll have an edge on the market. Relying on manufacturers to furnish your business with new products leaves you open to strong competition as others jump on the same trends.

Jeulia artisan jewelry features new arrivals monthly. They have unique products that are themed, such as a skull ring collection and a mermaid collection.

ecommerce-businesses-standing-outThe new arrivals give customers a reason to check out their website and Facebook page each month. Great new products give them plenty of opportunities for photos and videos to share with their fans.


2. Excellent Branding: Livie and Luca

A brand is something that other people can’t duplicate. It is your own voice. Competitors can copy your business in every aspect aside from branding. That will remain your own. Therefore, make sure that you stand out with your brand.

Find ways to highlight the aspects of your business that are unique. Are you offering handmade products? Is your business eco-friendly? Are you offering higher quality than the other competitors in your niche? Do you infuse humor into your products and services?

Livie and Luca have created an excellent children’s shoe brand online. They are the online shoe brand that is concerned with your child’s foot health as well as the shoe’s fashion.


Livie and Luca’s joyful foot philosophy also is environmentally friendly. All of their shoes are made with CPSIA-certified lead-free leather.

They want to ensure that kid’s feet are comfortable, so they create flexible shoes with enough wiggle room for kid’s toes.


3. Using Third-Party Channels: RnA Reset

Ecommerce stores have their own website, but it is nice when they show up on other channels. It also adds credibility to your business. Getting links from authority sites can boost your credibility as well as your SEO.

Take advantage of third-party channels by offering to guest post for them. This is a tactic that many online businesses are using right now to grow their online presence. By guest posting, you are able to expand your exposure to their audience as well. As you optimize your content by value-adding resources to their audiences, you will boost your online profile. You may even gain new customers from the post.

If you have expertise in an area, you could contact podcasts and YouTube channels for an interview.

Carolyn Dean and RnAReset have created a buzz on YouTube and through podcasts for her product. She has expanded her audience through interviews with AchieveRadio, Riordan Clinic, Wendy Myers, Dr. Mercola, Inspire Nation, and many others. Thousands of people learn about Dean through these interviews. She stands out as an expert through her interviews with influencers in the health and wellness industry.


4. Social Proof: Shutterfly

Social proof lends credibility to your business. It is a great way to encourage new website visitors to place orders. If people have been checking your site out for a while, they may need a little bit of social proof to tip the scales.

Social proof can be leveraged on your site in a few different ways. For example:

  • Celebrity endorsement: Celebrities using your product lend a lot of social proof. If you know any celebrities, request pictures of them using your product.
  • Customer reviews: Reviews demonstrate that people are using your product. They let customers know what to expect from your product.
  • User-generated content: When users submit photos of themselves using your product, it creates social proof. Request before and after photos or encourage your users to submit photos of them using the product.

Shutterfly allows their customers to share the pictures that they have put on their products. This is one of the main marketing tactics for Shutterfly.


ecommerce-businesses-standing-outAs you can see from the screenshot above, over 10,000 photos were posted to Shutterfly by other people, especially on Instagram. When consumers tag Shutterfly or add their hashtags to their photos, Shutterfly increases their chances of appearing on Instagram organic searches and the “explore” tab.

5. Charitable Causes: Oola Tea Fights Hunger

Many people have specific charities and causes that they love to support. Therefore, aligning your company with a charity can help your business stand out from the rest. It can help the customers to feel more of a connection with your brand. It will help buyers to feel good about doing business with you.

Oola Tea chose to align itself with Rice Bowls to help fight hunger. For every bag of Oola Tea that is purchased, one meal is given to a child in need. For individuals who care about world hunger, they will select the Oola Tea brand over the generic grocery store tea.


Oola Tea does a great job at connecting with their fans on social media and providing new and exciting teas each month as well as connecting with a charitable cause. They are one tea brand that stands out in the ecommerce marketplace.

Melinda Curle

Melinda Curle

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