Invoicera Review 2021: Prices, Features, Alternatives

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    As a small business owner, you know that few things are more important to the health of your business finances than getting paid on time. And keeping track of your invoices is key to your business accounting operations—and, subsequently, your cash flow. That being said, there’s no reason you have to manage this alone. Using invoicing software to keep things in order could be just the solution you’ve been looking for.

    While searching for the perfect invoice software, you may have come across Invoicera as a viable option. But is this software right for your business? To help you decide, we’ve put together this Invoicera review to break down all of the platform’s details so you’ll have the knowledge to make a decision either way.


    Invoicera is a cloud-based invoicing software for small businesses that can help you streamline the invoicing process so you can get paid on time and without any snags along the way. Thanks to Invoicera being cloud-based, you can use the software anywhere that you have internet access. There’s also a mobile app version of Invoicera for both iOS and Android devices. Invoicera is especially useful for those businesses that work internationally and with different languages or currencies when sending their invoices.

    If you’re looking for a free invoicing software option, Invoicera does offer one, but they also offer three paid versions that you can try out as well, and the plans are designed so you can graduate from one to the next as your company grows.

    Invoicera’s software can be used across just about any industry—from restaurants and hotels to manufacturing, telecommunication, and more.

    Green checkmarkPros
    • Grows with your business
    • Languages and currency capability
    • Has a free version
    Red X markCons
    • No live bank feeds

    Invoicera Features

    Invoicera offers many features to automate your invoicing process. Plus, you’ll have access to a number of built-in features, no matter which plan you choose.

    The core features included in every plan, even the free plan, are:

    • Ability to add multiple businesses
    • Online invoicing (including automatic scheduling)
    • Multi-layered security
    • Automated recurring expenses
    • Automated late payment reminders
    • Unlimited time tracking
    • Unlimited auto-recurring profile
    • Unlimited projects and timesheets
    • Client and vendor portals
    • Comprehensive reporting
    • Profit and loss report
    • Data backups
    • Multi-currency and language support
    • Customizable invoice templates
    • 30+ international payment gateway integrations
    • Award-winning customer support

    All of these features are worth noting, but some will be more important to your business than others. Below, we’re highlighting some of the especially useful features of this software.

    Ability to Customize and Automate Invoices

    Customizable invoices are a must-have for any business that wants to ensure that their branding is consistent and that their customers receive a professional-looking and easily identifiable invoice. With Invoicera you can quickly (in less than three minutes, according to their website) create invoices personalize them with your logo and brand colors.

    Additionally, you can automate your invoices for recurring billing, as well as late fee and payment reminders, so you can truly set it and forget it. Reports will also automatically be generated based on your invoices.

    invoicera review

    Payment Gateway Integrations

    Receive payments easily online with over 30 payment gateway integrations—from PayPal to Authorize.Net to Stripe and more. With so many options, you’ll have no problem getting paid. You can also manage credits and refunds through online payments, as well.

    Late Payment Reminders

    You always hope you’ll be paid on time without any follow-up; however, any business owner can tell you that’s not always the case. With Invoicera, you can set up automatic late payment reminders so you can be sure your invoices are being handled—even if you’re not the one doing the reminding.

    Management Tools

    There are a number of management tools that come with Invoicera as well. Depending on your needs, you can use any combination of their staff, project, estimate, client, task, and credit note management tools.

    • Staff management: You’ll have access to tools to manage your staff, like tracking their time and logged activities in one dashboard. You’ll also be able to review their time sheets and weekly activity log so you can be sure they’re staying on top of their work.
    • Project management: With the project management tools from Invoicera, you’ll be able to manage several projects at once and track the time and costs of each as it develops over time. The system also allows you to set growth milestones and manage the project estimates as you go along.
    • Estimate management: Templates for estimate management are also included in the Invoicera software so you can make accurate estimates of how long projects will take and how much they’ll end up costing. You can email the estimates to clients or convert them to invoices and then track their status.
    • Client management: The dashboard from Invoicera has a client portal where you can save client contact information and easily access documents related to those clients. You can also then send invoices to clients in various currencies and languages to accommodate them and accept any advanced payments they may make.
    • Task management: With the task management features, you can create new tasks for team members from your phone and make those tasks billable or non-billable for various clients. You can also include all of the relevant information for a new task, such as priorities and work breakdown among team members.
    • Credit note management: You’ll also be able to create credit notes to adjust any amounts owed to you by your clients.

    Time Tracking

    Invoicera can also make time tracking easier for you and your employees or contractors. It offers the option to record time logs for your employees on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. You can also approve those logs and generate reports based on productivity or finances for the hours employees work.

    You’ll also be able to convert your billable hours that you’ve tracked into an invoice to send to clients for billing. This can end up saving you significant time and help you get paid on time.

    Invoicera Pricing

    While Invoicera does have a free forever plan, they also have three paid options you can choose or upgrade to as your business grows. Customers who opt to subscribe annually for the service will save 20%; the annual prices listed below reflect this discount.

    All of the paid plans come with API access that allows developers to make their own custom apps within the Invoicera platform, so you can personalize it to your business’s specific needs.

    Keep in mind, there is also a 15-day free trial available to new customers considering one of Invoicera’s paid plans, so if one of these plans catches your eye, you can try it out before deciding if it’s right for you.

    Invoicera Starter

    The Starter plan is completely free to use, but with this lack of cost comes limited capabilities. However, if you run a very small business with few invoicing needs, it may be perfect for you. The Starter plan allows for three clients total and no staff member access. It comes with the core features mentioned above but does not have API access, PDF protection, or the ability to batch PDFs.

    Invoicera Pro

    For many small business owners, the Invoicera Pro plan may be the right fit, and it comes at a fairly reasonable price. For just $15 per month, or $144 when paid annually, you get up to 100 clients and one staff member on the account. This plan also comes with PDF protection, which means access to password-protected invoices, so you can send invoices and be sure only those you intend to see it will have access.

    This plan might be more ideal for sole proprietors or freelancers who only need to access their invoicing software themselves and don’t have other people in the business.

    Invoicera Business

    Invoicera’s most popular plan is their Business plan, which allows for 1,000 clients and access for 10 staff members. With this next level of service, you also get PDF protection and invoice approval process, meaning you can appoint an admin who can check and approve invoices before sending them off.

    The Invoicera Business plan costs $29 per month or $276 when paid annually. If you’re a small business with fewer than 1,000 clients, this may be a strong contender.

    Invoicera Infinite

    The Infinite plan from Invoicera is exactly that: The number of clients you can invoice and staff members who can access your account is infinite. You get all of the features we’ve mentioned previously in addition to the ability to batch PDFs.

    This plan comes at a much higher price point because it is unlimited. You’ll pay $149 per month or $1,428 billed annually. While this plan level likely won’t be necessary for small business owners, larger enterprises may find it more useful.

    Invoicera Pros

    Some of the pros of Invoicera will depend on your specific type of business and needs, but there are some positives across the board, no matter what kind of business you run.

    Grows With Your Business

    A big pro for using Invoicera for your invoicing needs is that it’s designed to grow with your business. As you gain more customers or more staff, you might need invoicing software that can accommodate that, which is exactly what Invoicera can do. Plus, you can upgrade at any time; you aren’t tied to any renewal schedules.

    Languages and Currencies

    All of the Invoicera plans offer the option to send and receive payment requests in different currencies and languages. If you do business internationally, you can change the language of your invoices and the currency when needed, and you can still see all of your invoices in one dashboard.

    In order to receive payments, Invoicera has more than 30 integrated payment gateways that are able to handle various currencies—it even features automatic currency exchange.

    Free Version

    It can’t go unsaid that the fact that you can use Invoicera completely free of charge is a big pro, especially for the small business owners who don’t need all the bells and whistles that come with a paid version of the software.

    Invoicera Cons

    While there are plenty of pros that come with using Invoicera for your business invoicing needs, there are definitely some cons for you to consider as well.

    No Live Bank Feeds

    One con of using Invoicers is that it does not offer a feature many other invoicing software platforms do, which is live bank feeds. This means you can’t use Invoicera to show you all the money coming in and out of your accounts on an ongoing and real-time basis.

    For businesses with many transactions to keep track of, not having this live bank feed feature can be a major downside. If you’re a smaller business, though, and feel comfortable keeping track of everything manually, this might not be a dealbreaker for you.

    Invoicera Customer Reviews

    What do users have to say about the Invoicera platform? The vast majority of Invoicera reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Customers praise the customization options—whether for invoice templates, credit memos, emails, statements, and more—that allow them to add their logo and other branding to any document they send out.

    Additionally, positive reviews also call out Invoicera’s multi-language and currency capabilities, as well as their variety of payment gateway options.

    Of course, no product is perfect and there are a few complaints about Invoicera too. Some users note that their customer service response time could be faster and that they’d appreciate having 24/7 support. Others mention that the lack of QuickBooks integration makes it difficult to seamlessly sync their data.

    Invoicera Alternatives

    If, after reading this Invoicera review, you’ve decided that Invoicera isn’t the right choice for your business—or you’re still weighing your options—here are some Invoicera alternatives to consider.

    Invoice Ninja

    Similar to Invoicera, Invoice Ninja offers a free plan to customers as well as multiple paid plans. Invoice Ninja also offers integrations with more than 1,000 small business apps as well—something Invoicera doesn’t offer their customers. They also offer more than 40 payment integrations, which is slightly more than Invoicera offers.

    Not only does Invoice Ninja offer more integrations, but the paid plans are also less expensive than those with Invoicera. The Invoice Ninja Pro plan is just $8 per month, while the Enterprise plan is $12 per month. You also get a discount if you pay for the plan annually, bringing the Pro plan to $80 per year and Enterprise to $96 per year. Plus, starting with the Pro plan, you’ll have unlimited clients, invoices, and quotes.

    Zoho Invoice

    If you already use Zoho software for another aspect of your business, you might be partial to the Zoho Invoice software to keep all of your business tools under one brand.

    At a basic level, you can send invoices and payment reminders with Zoho Invoice. Beyond that, you can also process payments, keep customer credit cards on file, and manage refunds. The software also allows you to create estimates and allow your clients to view estimates, invoices, and timesheets through a client portal.

    There is a free plan for customers to use as well as a Basic plan for $9/month, a Standard plan for $19/month and a Professional plan at $29/month. Each increasing plan comes with added client and customer permissions, and the Professional plan allows for unlimited customers.

    Get Started With Zoho Invoice


    FreshBooks might be known for their accounting software today, but they started out as invoicing and time-tracking software. If you decide to go with FreshBooks invoice software, you’ll have access to a cloud-based system for all of your invoicing, expenses, time tracking, and accounting needs—and more.

    They’re also a very affordable option for small businesses, with their least expensive plan starting at $15 per month (for five clients) and the most expensive at $50 per month (for 500 clients). If you work with more than 500 clients, they also offer a custom pricing option that you can contact them to learn more about.

    Start Your FreshBooks 30-Day Free Trial

    The Bottom Line

    When you’re looking for invoicing software, you probably have features in mind that your business needs. The number of clients you have, the number of staff members who you want to access the system, whether you need to personalize your invoices, and more all might be deciding factors for you. Invoicera offers plenty of features for small business owners like payment reminders, scheduled invoices, profit and loss reports, and more that might fill those needs your business has when it comes to invoicing.

    Another plus of Invoicera is their forever free plan, as well as the free trials for their paid plans. We recommend taking advantage of several software platform’s free trials to test a few options before committing to one. Every business is different, after all, so you may only realize the best option for yours once you’re able to access the system and see how the features work.

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