Learn, Network, Fund: Business Resources for Female Entrepreneurs

Updated on January 31, 2020
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Entrepreneurship remains a male-dominated game. Only 38% of entrepreneurs in the US are women—and even fewer run their own small businesses abroad, in the UK and Germany.

This is a big issue: entrepreneurship encourages good ideas, creates employment opportunities, and generates wealth for the global economy. The more entrepreneurs we have, the better off we all are. But with the gender disparity preventing women from running their own small businesses, we’ll be operating way below we can and should be.

We want to help female entrepreneurs succeed in their ventures, from startups to established businesses. So here’s the complete resource guide for women entrepreneurs, ranging from articles to eBooks, associations, websites, conferences, communities, incubators, and support networks.

Download “The Small Business Resource Guide for Women Entrepreneurs” Here


Ben Rashkovich

Ben is a former content strategy manager at Fundera. He has a bachelor's degree in English literature from Columbia University and is currently enrolled in Yale Law School. Ben has also written for eBay's curatorial team.
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