Nobly POS Review 2020: Features, Pricing, Alternatives

The right point of sale system for your business might be hard to find. Choosing one depends on what and how much you need the system to do. In addition to simply processing payments, many point of sale systems can do more. Are you planning to use it to manage inventory? Track employee hours or productivity? If so, you’ll probably want to explore some of the different systems available, one being Nobly POS.

A point of sale system is the means by which you process transactions, and the term covers both the physical POS hardware and the POS software that’s necessary as well. This can be done either with a physical register or payment terminal or with an iPad setup, depending on the bundle Nobly customers choose.

We’ll review the details of using Nobly as your POS system and the benefits that come along with that, as well as some of the possible drawbacks, the cost, and more.

Nobly POS Overview

Nobly is a POS system with most of the modern features that such systems have to offer. It’s good for small to medium-sized businesses and is supported in more than 20 countries worldwide. It can also be integrated with some other software as well, like those for business accounting for employee management.

It’s fairly easy to use and has an intuitive design on the front end that makes running your business easier for you and your employees on a day-to-day basis. It also offers an offline mode and tracking of a number of detailed factors. The types of small businesses listed on the Nobly site that are ideal for the software are coffee shops, restaurants, bars, delis, bakeries, food trucks, quick service restaurants, and food and drink hubs like markets.

Nobly has a free demo option for those wondering what the service entails. To request a free demo, you simply have to enter some basic information like your name and your company name, or give them a call.

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Nobly Features


As you probably expected, the POS system is the main feature Nobly offers. It allows your employees working the register and handling payments to edit the order if they make a mistake, apply discount codes for certain times or days, like during a happy hour, and also has a feature for table tracking in restaurants.

“Turn your iPad into a register with Nobly. We’ve partnered with a range of industry-leading payment partners to make the transaction process seamless,” says the company description of the product.

Additionally, the software works even if the iPad is offline, and then updates when you log back onto the internet, so an internet outage shouldn’t bring business to a grinding halt.


The software can be used to keep track of inventory down to the ingredient level. You can manually enter the number of a certain product you have into the system so you know when it’s time to restock or if something isn’t selling.


Not only can Nobly help you track what’s in stock it also provides reports about how well things are selling (or not selling). In addition to inventory reports, you can access data about staff performance and timesheets. Employees can be given their own codes to log in with so you can track the time they clock in and out and the sales they make during their shift.

Additionally information on things like daily sales, busiest hours of the day, and more is also made available in the back end of Nobly. All of these reports are available on the back end of the POS and can be accessed on a computer remotely no matter where you are as long as you have an internet connection. Users do report though that the back end is a bit less intuitive than the front end and using it can take some getting used to.

Customer Service

Other features Nobly offers can help improve customer satisfaction and growth with your business. It lets you customize the receipts for your business with your logo or information. You can also keep a database of customers if you like, as well.

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Nobly POS Cost

You want your POS to fit in with your business budget, so the cost is no doubt an important factor when choosing one. The price you pay for Nobly will depend on the specifics of your business. Details like the number of terminals you need can impact the cost. But the cost includes customer support, software updates, the back office side of the POS, the POS itself, and more. You can do the free demo to see if you like it before deciding on it, and contact Nobly directly to get an exact price quote.

The company offers some bundles for customers looking for more than the software side of the POS system. Small business owners looking to use Nobly as their POS can select whether they want to buy a bundle with a printer or not. The software can run on an iPad but for those who want to be able to print receipts or order tickets, they’ll need a printer too.

Nobly lists three printer options on their website. Each printer has a different compatibility with the iPads small business owners would be using and whether they’re wireless or not varies as well. They also offer a specific iPad stand, a barcode scanner, and a display unit.

Pros and Cons of Nobly POS

Nobly POS Pros

Credit Card Processing Choice

A big pro of Nobly is that they allow you to use the credit card processing company that you want, rather than only offering the choice of a few to work with. Because they offer a variety of processors, the fees associated with them vary as well.

Customer Support

Nobly offers extensive customer service for their customers who need help with set up or figuring out the new features offered in an update on the POS.

Comprehensive Reporting

Nobly offers so much more than a simple POS system. It can help you track inventory, staff hours and productivity, manage tables and reservations and more. The all-in-one approach can help make business more productive and efficient.

Ease of Use

The POS is easy to use and intuitive on the front end. It doesn’t take long to train new employees on the system and using it is simple. The back end is a bit more difficult but offers far more information and more reporting, so there’s more for users to work through.

Nobly POS Cons


Nobly is best for small to medium-size businesses. It can be hard to use for a larger business.


The price isn’t readily available online for those considering using this POS. To get a quote, possible users have to contact Nobly and give some information about their business to get a quote. This can make it a little difficult to compare to other options right off the bat.

Back Office

The back office or back end side of the POS is less intuitive than the front end. It’s a bit more difficult to customize and adding a lot of items with variations can be time consuming. While it does offer in depth reports on your business, it can be a little difficult to find and access those.

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What Customers Say in Nobly POS Reviews

Some customers highlight the customer service offered by Nobly as one of the best parts of the POS while others say its almost non-existent. Reviews with the website Trustpilot offer mixed personal experiences about the quality of the customer service Nobly offers.[1] On that site though Nobly has a four out of five star rating.

Some users say they have a hard time using the software effectively and have experienced some issues and glitches with it. Some users report that their employees will add items to a bill and those items won’t appear when it comes time to print the bill or the items won’t sync up from one terminal to another.

Users recommended taking advantage of the free demo offered by Nobly to see whether the service was right for them before going ahead and purchasing it.

Software Advice gives Nobly a 4.27 out of 5 rating, while Better Business Bureau gives it an A+.[2]

Alternatives to Nobly POS

There are a number of point of sale software out there for small businesses looking to modernize their business. Although Nobly has definite benefits the possibility of nearly any credit card processor and organizational perks like inventory, there are other options out there.

Below are some of the popular alternative POS systems to Nobly.

Square Point of Sale

Square offers a great deal for small business owners deciding between POS systems. They’re an affordable option and the Square fees can be fairly inexpensive depending on what you choose for your business. Their pricing is very clear on their website and they only charge for hardware, software and processing fees, so you know what you’re getting into from the start. More details about Square are available in our Square POS review.

Clover POS

Clover is another POS system that also comes with hardware options for your small business. The nice thing about the Clover POS system is that it is an all-in-one solution that can pretty much do whatever you need it to. The drawback is the lack of a free hardware option like some other POS options offer.

Shopify POS

Shopify offers a variety of POS services that range in price, so it’s a bit more customizable for your small business. Additionally, their hardware comes free for Shopify POS and Shopify Advanced customers and includes all the hardware you’d likely need. They also offer a free trial if you’re unsure about committing to one POS or another right off the bat.

Is Nobly POS the Right Fit?

If you have a smaller scale business and are looking for a simple and intuitive point of sale solution, the Nobly POS system might be a good fit. The ease of use and customer service is a big perk for users who have left reviews about the service, and the backend office also offers useful reports that could make running your business easier. It’s also a good choice for business owners who want the freedom to choose from a variety of credit card processors.

If you’re still unsure but want to take the POS for a spin, you can try the free demo Nobly offers. The company also has a live chat feature on its website where you can access either support or their sales team.

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