Ordyx Review 2020: Features, Cost, Alternatives

Ordyx POS Review

Ordyx POS is a low-cost restaurant POS system that has most of the basic tools you need to manage your hospitality-based business. Prices start at $49 per month, and you can also extend the functionality of your store with a wide range of integrations. However, larger restaurants might have a hard time finding every solution they need with Ordyx POS.

Anyone who operates a hospitality-based business knows they need to dedicate a majority of their time to running their establishment and servicing their guests. In order to do that you need a restaurant point of sale system that makes it easy to manage all of your back office functions. Ordyx Point of Sale (POS) promises business owners that they will increase your productivity by cutting down on the time you spend running transactions, processing payments, and updating menus and inventory.

Ordyx launched in 2003 as one of the first cloud-based POS systems for restaurants. Over time it has grown to be used in 40 states and eight countries. Although certainly not the most widely adopted POS system, Ordyx offers a number of features at an affordable price, making it an interesting option for those in the market for a restaurant POS system. Let’s dive deeper into everything Ordyx can provide to your business.

What Is Ordyx POS?

As we mentioned, Ordyx is a cloud-based POS system, meaning your business’s data is stored on an Ordyx server and transferred to your system via the cloud. Ordyx guarantees that your system will continuously sync with their server using the highest standards of encryption available, meaning all upgrades to the Ordyx system will be automatically applied to your POS software. Furthermore, if your POS is ever disconnected from the internet, the system can operate offline and synchronize with the Ordyx server once connection is reestablished.

Ordyx POS is designed for a variety of different restaurant types, including full-service, fast-casual, quick-service, bars, and food trucks. The software can work with all major operating systems, including Windows, iOS, and Android. The system is designed to be scalable, so you can run multiple terminals in one location or have terminals across several locations synchronize with each other for things like menu updates and employee schedules.

That’s the basics on how the software works. Let’s learn a bit more about everything you can do when you use Ordyx POS for your business.

Ordyx POS: Capabilities

Ordyx offers a decent feature set. When you use it with your restaurant, here is everything you can do:

Payment Processing

The most important thing your POS system can do is process payments. However, Ordyx does not offer in-house payment processing. Instead, you’ll have to integrate with a third-party payment processor. That means you’ll have to acquire your credit card terminal through them, as well as work out your payment processing rates. Fortunately, Ordyx works with a lot of different payment processors, including:

The processing rate you work out varies depending on the payment processor you choose to work with. Generally, businesses with higher transaction volumes get lower payment processing rates.


On their website, Ordyx says they will evaluate your current POS equipment to see if it is compatible with the Ordyx software. If you need to purchase equipment, Ordyx says they will provide you with a hardware quote. Ordyx hardware is built for Windows-based systems but can also run on iOS and Android devices. However, Ordyx does not go into detail on the different POS hardware products it offers.


Ordyx offers all of the ordering functionality you would need in your POS. Orders can be punched in and routed to the kitchen via a touchscreen menu on your POS device. When assigning orders, the POS will present a list of modifiers to the server that they can explain to the customer. Furthermore, all ingredients in each order is listed on the menu, and can be removed or substituted as the customer sees fit. The POS will also provide dietary information, such as if a specific item is gluten free. All orders are saved in the system for up to five years, and managers can see which servers handled which orders.

Ordyx also offers an online ordering system at no additional charge. With this integration, merchants can build a custom menu on their business’s website and have orders placed through the website routed directly to their kitchen. Customers also have the option to designate the order for takeout or delivery, set the time they would like the food to be ready, and pay upon pickup.

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When it comes time for customers to pay for their meal, Ordyx POS can perform all the necessary calculations, including check splitting by table or by seat, and suggested tip amounts. Tabs can also be transferred from the bar to the dining room, and receipts can be printed, emailed, or texted to the customer.

Floor Plan Management

Ordyx offers a fairly basic looking floor plan manager, but it still allows you to see which tables are open via a color coded system. You can also view how long specific patrons have been at a table, who is serving which tables, and the tab each table owes.

Employee Management

Ordyx allows you to set custom permissions for employees and managers. Everyone can use the POS to clock in and out of their shifts and view their schedules. There are also functions to track which employees are working overtime and alert everyone on staff when the restaurant is preparing to close, if an item has run out, or if there has been a price change to an item. Ordyx can also perform tip reconciliations. For training new hires, Ordyx POS offers a demo mode, which allows servers to learn how to navigate the system without actually placing orders.

Inventory Management

Inventory items can be attached to specific menu items so that you can track your stock count in real time. Ordyx doesn’t allow you to place purchase orders via your POS system, but when stock count is low you can automatically remove certain items from the menu. Note you will have to pay extra to access inventory management.

Customer Relationship Management

Ordyx offers a loyalty program for an additional fee that can help bolster customer retention. All customer information, including order history, is saved in a database and Ordyx can send out promotions for birthdays or when an item a customer has purchased in the past is going on sale. Ordyx also integrates with several gift card providers, as well as MailChimp for email marketing. Furthermore, your loyalty program allows customers to earn redeemable points on purchases.


Ordyx’s reporting suite comes with about 30 standard reports that can be run by date, food group, or employee. Sales history is tracked in real time, and Ordyx also offers graphs and spreadsheets to help visualize your restaurants’ data.


One of Ordyx’s strongest features is the ability to integrate with a variety of other software tools to extend the functionality of your POS. Through the integration suite on the Ordyx website, you can access tools for payment processing, loyalty programs, scheduling, property management, and accounting and payroll. However, note that the cost of your POS system could rise quickly if you choose to integrate with a lot of third-party tools.

Customer Service

Ordyx offers customer support via phone and email 24/7/365. Merchants can also reach out to Ordyx via their Facebook or Twitter pages. However, the Ordyx website does not offer many guides or tutorials on how to use the product.

Ordyx POS Price

Ordyx offers two straightforward pricing plans. Let’s have a look at each:

Ordyx Lite

Ordyx Lite costs $49 per month to use on one terminal and an additional $17 dollars per month for a second terminal (you can not use more than two terminals with the Lite plan). For that price you get up to 10 staff accounts, unlimited menu customizations, the ability to operate offline, track time and attendance, send text message receipts, receive daily backups, and operate your POS from your mobile phone via the Ordyx mobile app. The Lite plan does not come with inventory management functions. The Ordyx Loyalty program costs an additional $20 per month.

Ordyx Premium

Ordyx Premium costs $59 per month plus $17 per additional terminal, with no limit on the number of terminals you can use. This plan comes with inventory tracking, but it will cost an additional $10 a month. The loyalty program also still costs $20 and, interestingly, you also have to pay another $10 per month for time and attendance tracking (this comes free with Ordyx Lite). Premium does come with unlimited staff accounts, as well as all the other features included in the Ordyx Lite plan.

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Ordyx POS: Pros

Given everything we have touched on, here are what we see as the benefits of using Ordyx POS:


Restaurant POS systems are typically fairly pricey, so it’s nice to see one offered at such an affordable rate. If you use Ordyx Lite, you’ll get a restaurant POS system for one of the lowest prices on the market. Plus, Ordyx doesn’t require any long-term contracts, meaning you can pay month-to-month and cancel at any time.


Ordyx has done well to allow their software to work with so many third-party tools. By itself, Ordyx is a little lacking in features, but when you combine it with all the different tools that it can integrate with, you get a POS that can probably handle most of your business’s individual needs. Be careful though: Too many integrations can really drive up the price.

Ordyx POS Cons

There are some drawbacks to using Ordyx as your POS system. Let’s list them here:

Built-In Features

While you can build out the functionality of your store via integrations, the tools you get built into your Ordyx POS system are far from comprehensive. The inventory, floor plan, and menu management functions aren’t exactly the most in-depth tools offered by Ordyx. Furthermore, Ordyx charges Premium plan subscribers for time and attendance tracking, which is confounding to say the least.

Customer Support

Offering 24/7/365 support is always appreciated, but the lack of documentation on how to use Ordyx POS is concerning. Most reputable POS providers have some kind of help center on their website where merchants can learn all the ins and outs of their system. Not offering something like that makes the learning curve steeper with Ordyx.

Ordyx POS Reviews

Let’s hear what customers who have used Ordyx POS have to say about the system:

  • Capterra: 3.5 stars out of 5[1]
  • Better Business Bureau: A+ (not accredited)[2]

Ordyx isn’t widely reviewed, which speaks to their limited customer base more than anything. Among the customers who do use Ordyx, the most common complaint is the customer service. Users complain of not being able to get a hold of customer service representatives, or having to wait a long time for issues to be resolved. Customers also complain of finding the system very difficult to learn how to use.

On the positive side of things, users tout Ordyx’s affordability, and how the system is constantly being updated and improved. Many also say Ordyx’s reporting suite is thorough and comprehensive.

Ordyx POS Alternatives

If you’re not convinced by Ordyx, here are some alternatives to consider:

Square for Restaurants

If you want to keep costs down, but need something with more features than Ordyx, we recommend Square for Restaurants. This software can cost you depending on the plan you choose—although there is a free version. For your money you get built-in payment processing and in-depth order, menu, floor plan, inventory, and employee management functions. You’ll also get to use Square’s POS hardware, which is very popular among small business owners.

Sign Up for Square for Restaurants


If you’re willing to pay a little extra for a full-service restaurant POS system, we recommend TouchBistro. With TouchBistro, you get every tool you need to manage your restaurant, including payment processing and floor plan, inventory, customer, employee, menu, and order management. TouchBistro also has some nice add-on features, such as a kitchen display system, digital menu board, self-ordering kiosk, and customer facing display. Plus, you can bundle your hardware and software together and pay for both month-to-month. Prices start at $105 per month, excluding payment processing.

Is Ordyx POS Right for Your Business?

Ordyx could work for you if you’re a very small business that only needs one terminal and not a lot of features. If this is you, Ordyx is probably one of the most affordable options out there, and will allow you to cut down on the time you spend managing back office tasks. However, we don’t see Ordyx has a sustainable partner for growing businesses. If you manage a high volume of transactions daily, consider a bigger POS provider that can provide you with a more comprehensive set of tools.

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