Payday Payroll Review 2021: Features, Pricing, Top Alternatives

When you’re managing employees, you know that little is more important to the health of your business than keeping your team happy—and integral to employee security is ensuring that they’re compensated in full and on time, every time. To make sure of that, business owners often find it helpful to outsource payroll processing to a software or agency, like Payday Payroll.

Payday Payroll is a family-built and -owned payroll service bureau with headquarters in Virginia and Florida. Beyond payroll processing, though, Payday also provides business owners with full-service back-end solutions, including HR and timekeeping tools. While Payday Payroll provides their business clients with cloud-based solutions so they can manage certain aspects of their payroll and other processes remotely, Payday (and their client testimonials) highlight their excellent, highly engaged customer service team that powers most of their operations—so if you’d like to work with a real, live payroll and business-management expert, then Payday Payroll might be the right solution for you.

But Payday Payroll certainly isn’t the only payroll processing solution available to you. If you’d like a simpler or fully automated payroll software, or if you just want to explore more of your options, we’ll provide you with three of your top Payday Payroll alternatives, too.

Payday Payroll Features

Founder Andy Kline established Payday Payroll in 1985 when he began doing tax returns for businesses; then, in 1989, he expanded the business to encompass payroll services. Over the past 30 years, Payday Payroll has expanded even more to also include HR solutions, automated time and attendance tools, and ACA compliance management and reporting. You can also leverage Payday’s in-house team of IT experts to fulfill various other back-end processes you need to outsource—all you need to do is ask.

Here are more details about all of Payday Payroll’s offerings:

Payroll Services

First and foremost, Payday Payroll provides businesses with full-service payroll solutions, which are tailored to your business’s needs and preferences. Your payroll experts can handle all your payroll tax filings, help with relevant wage attachments, provide you with custom reports, create custom accrual programs, and either set up direct deposit for your employees, or provide debit cards for employees without bank accounts. Payday also offers an online payroll dashboard so you can access and manage payroll yourself.

Human Resources

Next up, Payday Payroll can provide your business with a range of HR-related services, either in-house or through their partnerships with third-party HR solution providers. Among these available services include background checks for prospective employees, digital onboarding for new employees, and an electronic employee-facing dashboard so your staff can access important documents and information, including their W2 forms, pay history, and time cards.

Beyond that, Payday can provide businesses with tools and programs to increase their employees’ financial knowledge. You can also access Payday Payroll’s fully stocked, digital HR resource center, where you can view and download forms and documents like employee handbooks and new employee checklists. Here again, if there’s a particular HR solution you need help with, all you need to do is contact your Payday Payroll representative and inquire about a custom solution.

Time & Attendance

With Payday Payroll, you can automate your time and attendance processes with TimeSimplicity, a digital solution that works on a dashboard or an app. Through the app, you can create schedules with an advanced scheduling tool, and your employees can clock in and out and trade shifts, among other tools that benefit both employees and managers.

ACA Compliance

Finally, Payday Payroll’s ACA compliance software can handle all compliance management and tracking tasks for you, as well as process all required compliance reports.

Remember that the services listed above are only the services that Payday Payroll distinctly advertises on its platform. If there’s another payroll- or management-related process you’re struggling with—no matter how small (or big)—simply get in touch with your Payday Payroll team and ask if they can provide you with the solution you need. That’s one of the benefits of working with a human-driven operation, rather than a fully automated software.

Payday Payroll Pricing

Payday Payroll offers bespoke pricing for each business, depending on the business’s size, payroll needs, and which of Payday’s solutions they’d like to take advantage of, among other factors. You can fill out Payday’s online contact form to receive a free quote.

Top 3 Payday Payroll Alternatives

Payday Payroll is an excellent option for business owners who need their payroll processing (and other tricky, time-consuming management tasks) outsourced to a team of experts—but Payday Payroll is far from your only option. Here are just three alternative payroll processing software or companies for you to consider:


If you use any of Square’s myriad small-business-centric products—like Square POS or Square Capital—then you won’t be surprised to learn that Square Payroll is a similarly intuitive solution, but this time for ensuring that your employees and contractors are paid.

At its heart, Square Payroll ensures that your staff, whether full-time or contract, are automatically paid on time and in full. But this payroll software offers a few other services as well, including timecard syncing with Square POS, personal employee accounts, managing employee benefits, and handling tax filings.

Do know that Square Payroll is a fully automated service, and while you can access Square’s support center 24/7, their service is much less focused on personalized attention than Payday Payroll is—as a tech-forward solution, Square Payroll’s primary goal is to fully automate payroll processing, rather than outsourcing these tasks to a team of human experts.

If you sign up for Square Payroll, you’ll pay a base fee of $29 per month, plus $5 per employee. If you’re only paying contractors, however, you’ll just pay $5 per paid employee and no monthly base fee.

Sign Up for Square Payroll


OnPay Payroll is an online payroll service like Square, though they offer similar additional services to Payday Payroll, like HR tools. In addition to fully automating payroll processing and handling your payroll tax filings, OnPay offers health benefits, workers’ comp insurance, and retirement plans through their partnerships with licensed brokers and providers. And as a digital service, OnPay integrates with many other cloud-based software, like QuickBooks and Xero.

OnPay’s fees start at a base fee of $36 per month plus $4 per person, though fees increase with the size of your business. You can use OnPay’s sliding tool to determine how much your particular business would pay to access all of OnPay’s services.

Big Fish Payroll

The last payroll service we’d recommend here (though it’s by no means the last reliable payroll software available on the market) is Big Fish Payroll. Like Payday Payroll, Big Fish began solely as a payroll processor, though they’ve expanded their platform to include other employer services—including HR solutions, time and labor management systems, benefits administration, hiring software, and Work Opportunity Tax Credit management.

On the payroll side, you can expect the team at Big Fish to take on all payroll tax burdens and deliver your employees’ wages via direct deposit or pay cards. They can also work with licensed brokers to provide your business with workers’ comp insurance. And although many of their services are tech-forward, you’ll still be working directly with a specialist at Big Fish who can provide your business with tailored solutions, and whom you can contact with questions once you begin using their services. So if the human-touch aspect of Payday Payroll appeals to you, then Big Fish might be your best alternative.

You can use Big Fish’s Quote Builder, which is available on their website, to get an idea of how much your Big Fish services would cost your business.

Is Payday Payroll the Right Payroll Solution for You?

Just one of the benefits of working with a payroll agency like Payday Payroll—rather than a fully automated payroll software, such as Square—is that you’ll receive tailored solutions created exactly for your business’s needs. And once you’re set up with Payday Payroll’s services, you’ll have continued access to their engaged and professional customer service team, which Payday Payroll prides themselves on.

For business owners doing their due diligence before signing up for a payroll service, consider OnPay or Big Fish for comparable payroll and business-management solutions. However, your business may not need this level of customization or additional back-end services, especially if you’re a very small operation. In that case, you may consider a payroll software like Square, or even another payroll software like Gusto or QuickBooks Payroll.

All told, you have so many payroll processing options, whether that’s a boutique agency like Payday Payroll or an automated interface—and that means you’ll have a foolproof method of ensuring that your staff is paid on time, every time.

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