Revention POS Review 2020: Features, Cost, Alternatives

In the world of restaurant POS systems, Revention POS is almost a dinosaur. Whereas some of the most popular restaurant POS systems like TouchBistro, Toast, and Lavu have been founded in the last 10 years, Revention started all the way back in 2003. However, even though Revention is older, it still offers a tech-forward and feature-rich solution that can rival many of the more modern systems on the market today.

To find out just how Revention compares, let’s break down this POS system. We’ll go over the features and price to better understand the value it offers to small business owners. We’ll also offer up some alternatives to Revention, so you can come away with a better understanding of all your restaurant POS system options.

Let’s dive in.

What Is Revention POS?

Revention is a Texas-based POS provider used by over 10,000 businesses around the world. According to the company’s Crunchbase page, the name Revention is an amalgamation of the words “revolutionary,” “retention,” “re-invent,” and “invention.”[1]

The Revention system is a hybrid system, which means it can work locally (data stored on your computers) or via the cloud (data stored on Revention’s servers and transferred to your computer via the cloud). It can also function offline. When you first sign up for Revention, a Revention representative will perform an on-site installation of the Revention software and hardware, and also provide you with training.

Revention is designed for food service businesses. On their website they advertise solutions for full-service restaurants, quick-service restaurants, fast-casual restaurants, pizzerias, food delivery businesses, and bars and nightclubs. Revention is also a scalable service, offering solutions for businesses with upward of 500 locations.

In terms of specific products, Revention can supply POS hardware and software. Revention also sells additional software products that can extend the functionality of your POS. We’ll get into everything Revention can do in the next section.

Revention POS: Capabilities

When you sign up for Revention POS, here is everything you can expect:

Payment Processing

Revention offers in-house payment processing. It can also integrate with other processors, including Worldpay and Global Payments. Both services offer quote-based pricing that varies based on your business type, transaction volume, and other factors. On their website, Worldpay says typical payment processing rates for in-person transactions vary from 2.9% + $0.10 to 2.7% + $0.10. They also say their is “flexibility” with pricing. 

Both services can provide you the software and hardware to accept magstripe, chip card, and contactless forms of payment. They also provide other useful features, such as virtual terminals, the ability to set recurring payments, and convert foreign currencies.


Revention software can run on both Android and iOS devices. Revention also sells their own dedicated POS touch-screen terminal via the Revention hardware store. The terminal features a solid state hard drive and Intel Pentium Core 2 processor, as well as a 15-inch screen and 180-degree swiveling stand. You can also purchase a full range of other POS hardware through Revention, including:

  • Tablet POS terminal
  • Receipt printers
  • Kitchen display systems
  • Cash drawers
  • Barcode scanners
  • Wireless POS tablets
  • Label printers
  • Customer display systems
  • Digital scales
  • Drive-thru systems

Revention sells some additional non-POS items, including biometric security systems, video cameras, and computer servers. Pricing on all products is quote-based.


Revention’s POS software comes with all the tools you need to manage your restaurant effectively. Let’s review all the features included in this system:

  • Order management
    • Unlimited modifiers
    • Estimated order time calculation
    • Customize order screen by POS terminal or employee
    • Direct substitutions
    • Biometric fingerprint reader (automatically tell who took which order)
  • Payment
    • Suggested tip amount
    • Coupon creation and tracking
    • Tip reconciliation
  • Menu management
    • Multiple pricing options including second and third item pricing, time/day pricing, and price by order type
    • Scale integration for pricing weighted items
    • Suggestive selling prompts
    • Unlimited menu scalability
    • Menu edits update automatically in real time
  • Inventory management
    • Place purchase orders
    • Group items by category
    • Recipe and menu costing
    • Stock counts update in real time
    • Save recipes and portions for items
    • Waste tracking
  • Floor plan management
    • Save multiple custom floor plans
    • Assign tables to specific servers
    • Track orders by table
  • Employee management
    • Alerts for when employees are working overtime
    • Employee messaging system
    • Scheduling interface
    • Time clock
    • Job-based permissions
    • Multiple payroll integrations
  • Reporting
    • Labor costing
    • Analysis breakdown of KPI data for every half hour
    • Create unlimited custom report groups
    • View updated statistics in real time
    • Save and email or print reports
    • Audit reports by employee
  • Customer relationship management
    • Track customer order history
    • Phone and email storage
    • Loyalty tracking
    • Automated marketing emails
  • Delivery
    • Real-time driver statistics
    • Color-coded order times
    • Delivery reminders by item
    • Integrated caller ID management
    • Integrated mapping via Google Maps
    • Driver tracking via EyeDeliver integration
  • Security
    • Video surveillance integrations

Integrations and Add-Ons

On top of what Revention’s core software can do, there are a number of ways to extend the functionality of your system—either by integrating with third-party tools or purchasing additional software products offered by Revention. Here are the paid in-house software options Revention provides:

Online Ordering

Revention’s online ordering service allows you to make menu items available for purchase via a mobile-responsive website with integrated payment processing. All orders placed with Revention Online Ordering are routed directly to your POS. Customers who place orders online are also invited to create an account where they can save favorite menu items, payment information, and delivery addresses. Account holders can enroll in your business’s loyalty program or email marketing campaign directly from your website, and also track their rewards points.

The Revention Online Ordering system also features a reporting suite where you can track sales history, the ability to input and manage promotions, an estimated delivery time clock, and Level 1 PCI Compliance.

Revention Management

Another software feature Revention provides is a web application that allows you to check in on the status of your business from any internet-enabled device. Revention Management provides a dashboard interface with real time sales and labor breakdowns of all your stores, including sales by order type, top coupons, top product sales, and more.

There is also a reporting suite where users can run over 50 different reports, a menu configuration and management interface, a labor management portal, and a corporate document repository—ensuring you will always have eyes on your business, even when you are not there.

Revention Loyalty

Revention Loyalty allows customers to collect redeemable points when they dine at your restaurant. Customers can enroll in your loyalty program by providing their name, email, and phone number. When account holders place orders at your restaurant, they will receive account status updates with their new rewards balance. Customers can also view their rewards balance through the Revention Online Ordering platform. When customers want to apply their points towards a purchase, they can simply enter their membership ID, and Revention POS determines the new balance.

Revention Mobile App

Finally, Revention creates back-end and front-end mobile apps for you and your customers to use. The app allows managers to manage menus, view orders, and run reports on the go. Customers can also place orders and submit payment through the app in as little as four steps. Furthermore, Revention offers to customize your business’s mobile app to match your branding, and all orders through the mobile app are routed directly to your POS.

Customer Service

Revention offers 24/7/365 support via phone and live chat. You can also contact a Revention representative with questions via the company’s Facebook and Twitter pages. When you sign up, you’ll be connected with a direct customer support contact who can answer any questions that may arise. On the Revention website, there is a blog with helpful posts on how to use the Revention software, and tips on managing your restaurant.

Revention Price

Now that we’ve covered everything the Revention system offers, let’s talk about what this POS will cost you. In short, it’s hard to say exactly what you will spend on a Revention POS system, given that Revention only offers quote-based pricing. Quotes are based on a SaaS/HaaS model. Revention says its software and hardware bundles “remain competitive with those in the POS space.”

Pricing includes no upfront costs, and contract are normally 36 months.

If user reviews are to be believed, this certainly isn’t the most affordable POS system. What we can say about POS providers that offer quote-based pricing is that higher volume merchants will typically receive better value. It’s also unclear whether Revention offers pay-as-you-go pricing or long-term contracts.

Revention POS Pros

Now that we have the basics down, here are what we see as the benefits of Revention POS:


Revention’s POS software features an impressive range of capabilities. It’s not just any POS system that has delivery functionality and biometric security features built in. These are typically things you have to pay extra for. Speaking of things you have to pay extra for, Revention’s add-on features can really extend the functionality of your business. The Online Ordering system is feature-rich and powerful, and the Management tool and mobile app can give business owners insight into their business anytime, anywhere.

Customer Service

When reading about Revention on customer review platforms, it’s hard to ignore the amount of praise for Revention’s customer service staff. In numerous reviews, customers say Revention staff responded promptly to their inquiries and gave them and their staff helpful advice on how to resolve issues. Furthermore, customers say Revention’s on-site installation and training is vital in helping them learn how to make full use of their system.

Revention POS Cons

Here are what we see as the drawbacks to getting a Revention POS system:


Although we can’t say exactly what Revention charges, if customer reviews are to be believed, it’s a lot. How much? Customers say costs can quickly rise into the thousands, and that there are hidden fees they were unaware of when they signed up. The best advice we can give is to negotiate with your sales representative and read over your Revention contract carefully before signing.

Payment Processing

Revention’s payment processing options are lacking. Most POS providers offer a full-range of processing solutions that can be integrated with their system, allowing the merchant to pick an option that makes sense for them. Revention only offers two solutions—Worldpay and Global Payments. Both are very large processors, meaning it will be hard for small businesses to negotiate a favorable rate. Overall, we’d like to see a little more flexibility here.

Revention POS User Reviews

Here is how Revention ranks on the major user review websites:

  • G2 Crowd: 4.7 stars out of 5[2]
  • Capterra: 4 stars out of 5[3]
  • Better Business Bureau: A+ (not accredited)[4]

In positive user reviews, customer tout Revention’s ease of use and its features that allow merchants to manage deliveries and promotions. Customers also like that Revention allows you to mix and match the hardware and software features you need, creating a fully tailored solution.

In negative reviews, user ask for additional integrations with third-party tools, and lament general bugginess with the software.

Revention POS Alternatives

If you are not sold on Revention POS, here are two other restaurant POS systems to consider:

TouchBistro POS

A cheaper alternative to Revention is TouchBistro. This is one of the newer POS system providers we mentioned at the beginning of the article. What makes TouchBistro more affordable is that it bundles the cost of your POS software and hardware into one monthly payment. Theoretically, you could pay as little as $105 per month for your POS system and still get a full range of features—including order, menu, floor plan, employee, customer, and inventory management. TouchBistro also offers some nifty add-ons, like a self-ordering kiosk, customer facing display, kitchen display system, and loyalty program.

Square for Restaurants

Even cheaper than TouchBistro is Square for Restaurants. This is a restaurant version of Square’s POS software that costs $0, $60, or $299+ per month and boasts a low credit card processing rate of 2.6% + $0.10 per transaction. Note that you’ll get fewer features with Square for Restaurants, and you’ll also have to shell out a one time payment for your POS hardware. However, this is a good option for small restaurants who don’t want to break the bank to acquire their POS system.

Is Revention POS Right for Your Business?

All in all, we’d recommend Revention for larger food service businesses that are looking for a provider that can supply a range of solutions. There is no denying that Revention has thought of a solution to most restaurant-related needs—there aren’t many providers who offer drive-thru systems and biometric security in their product catalogue. The big question for restauranteurs is how much they are willing to spend. Smaller businesses may have a hard time stomaching the coast of a Revention system. Therefore, we only recommend a Revention system for those who feel they can do enough business to justify the cost.

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