Rezku POS Review 2020: Features, Cost, Alternatives

Rezku POS Review

Rezku POS is a restaurant POS system jam-packed with features and tools. Along with the typical menu, floor plan, inventory, and employee management features that come in most POS systems, Rezku will provide you with integrated caller ID, a food cost calculator, customer facing displays, and much more. Pricing is quote-based.

Rezku POS is a fairly new player in the merchant services market. Launched in 2014, Rezku’s value proposition is that it is a tech-forward, easy-to-use point of sale system for entrepreneurs in the food services industry. How easy to use is it? Rezku claims a new server can learn how to use their POS in just 20 minutes.

In this review, we’re going to do an independent analysis of Rezku, focusing primarily on their features, functionality, and price. Having a POS that only takes 20 minutes to master is a huge asset in the fast-paced restaurant industry. So let’s see if Rezku POS lives up to their own hype. We’ll also provide you with some alternatives to Rezku POS so you come away with a full picture of the restaurant POS system market.

Rezku POS: The Basics

Rezku POS is a cloud-based POS system designed to serve restaurants, bars, breweries, and nightclubs and work for owners who are opening their very first restaurant or have been in the business for a while.

Rezku POS can be purchased directly through Rezku, or acquired through a Rezku reseller. Be wary when acquiring your system through a reseller, though, as POS resellers have a spotty track record when it comes to transparency and customer service.

The Rezku POS system is designed to run on iPads using iOS 11 or better. It can also work on iPad Mini and iPad Pro—as well as function offline. Rezku POS software updates will be applied to your account automatically and at no extra charge.

Most restaurant POS systems come with a lot of functionality, and Rezku is no different. Their software offers payment processing; order, floor plan, inventory, employee, marketing, and customer relationship management tools; and a reporting suite. There are also free features like a menu builder, food cost calculator, and KPI calculator.

You can see all of these features in action if you sign up for a free tailored demo with Rezku. But before you do that, let’s get some better insight into how all these features work.

Rezku POS Features

As previously mentioned, Rezku comes with a lot of different functions to help make running your restaurant easier. Let’s explain how all of them work:

Payment Processing

Rezku payment processing makes it possible for merchants to accept all major credit cards and payment methods, including magstripe, EMV (chip cards), and contactless payments (Apple Pay and Google Pay). While Rezku does not process payments themselves, they are able to offer payment processing through a partnership with Worldpay. While Worldpay does not disclose payment processing rates on their website, we know that they offer interchange-plus pricing.

However, if you don’t want to use Worldpay as your payment processor, Rezku is flexible enough to integrate with most third-party services. Your PCI compliance is also covered through Rezku. Other Rezku features include the ability to pre-authorize tabs and allow customers to sign for a payment directly from the touchscreen of your iPad terminal.

Furthermore, Rezku is able to accept payments even when disconnected from the internet. In terms of credit card terminals, Rezku is compatible with the Ingenico iPP350 countertop credit card terminal, Castles Vega countertop credit card terminal, and Castles MP200 handheld credit card terminal. All three are capable of accepting magstripe, chip card, and contactless payments. Rezku also integrates with the Magtek iDynamo mobile magstripe reader, allowing you to accept payments on the go.

All of these credit card readers can be purchased directly from the Rezku website. Now let’s learn some more about other POS hardware devices that work with Rezku POS.

POS Hardware

As previously mentioned, the Rezku POS app is only available on iPads, and it is recommended that merchants use iOS 11 or later. In terms of other hardware, here is what Rezku POS works with. Note that all of these products are available for purchase through the Rezku hardware store:

  • Receipt printers
    • Epson TM-T20ii
    • Epson TM-T88V-i
    • Epson TM-M30
    • Star Micronics TSP-65011
    • Star Micronics TSP-143
  • Kitchen Printers
    • Epson TM-U220B
    • Star Micronics SP700
  • iPad Stands
    • Stand Prime for iPad Pro 10.5-inch
    • Stand Prime for iPad
    • Stand Tall for iPad Pro 12.9-inch
    • Stand Tall for iPad Air and iPad Pro 9.7-inch
    • Duo for two iPad Airs
    • Duo for two iPad Pros 12.9-inch
  • Cash drawers
    • Standard cash drawer
    • Bar cash drawer
  • Barcode scanners
    • Honeywell Hyperion 1300g USB
  • Food scales
    • Brecknell 6710U

In addition, Rezku provides two in-house hardware products:

Customer-Facing Display

Rezku can provide your business with a countertop customer-facing display that shows your customers exactly what they’ve purchased and what they’re paying for before they swipe their card. Rezku’s customer-facing display can also be customized with your business’s own branding, and has the ability to feature custom promotions or advertisements. Furthermore, all customer-facing displays come with a tipping interface with built-in tip suggestions, encouraging customers to leave a little something extra during checkout.

Kitchen Display System

A Rezku kitchen display system allows businesses to go paperless by routing orders from the POS directly to a display screen located in your business’s kitchen. Rezku estimates that the typical restaurant can expect to save between $2,000 to $6,000 per year on printer supplies with a kitchen display system.

You can use the free Rezku kitchen display system app on an iPad, or purchase an Epson kitchen display system through Rezku. Both systems feature large, easy-to-read displays, touchscreen functionality, and a bump-bar with secure mounting for heavy use.

In addition, your Rezku POS app can work with an unlimited amount of kitchen display systems, and users have the option to route orders to specific kitchen stations. Other features include a ticket timer and the ability to use other types of monitors as a kitchen display system via iPad compatible AV connections.

Restaurant Management

Rezku POS comes with a myriad of restaurant management features. Let’s break them all down:

Inventory Management

Rezku’s inventory management interface is designed to reduce loss and improve efficiency. Specific features include a menu costing tool that allows you to see the cost of each dish, waste tracking, and inventory audits that check expected inventory against actual inventory to investigate unaccounted for losses.

Menu Builder

Rezku’s menu builder interface allows you to create a menu in four steps. First you would add your restaurant’s info and logo; then select from a variety of menu themes, add pages, sections, and products; and then download your menu to print or display on your POS.


Rezku POS comes preloaded with a variety of reports. Among the reports you can choose from are:

  • Sales
  • Product
  • Labor and performance
  • Tax and transaction
  • Inventory
  • Security
  • Discount and promotion

There are also dashboards you can open on your Rezku POS that display average tickets per hour, net sales per hour, top sellers per hour, and sales-to-labor ratio.


Rezku POS comes with a built-in timeclock that automatically tracks staff activity throughout their shifts. In addition, Rezku POS takes a verification image every time an employee clocks in or out. The timeclock also integrates with your reporting suite so you can track cost of labor and identify top-performing staff.

Cash Drawer Management

Rezku POS provides security features to track money flowing in and out of your cash drawer. Cash drawers can be configured as per-user drawers for servers who make their own change and bar drawers, which allow two bartenders to use the same iPad but different physical cash drawers. Rezku will also run mid-shift audits on cash drawer activity, document discrepancies after audits, and create transaction reports featuring payment type, time, order number, transaction amount, customer name, and more.

Food Cost Calculator

Rezku provides you with the ability to enter pricing information into a food cost calculator to help you know how you should price your products to create a healthy profit margin. You can use it to determine how to price your menu items, the true cost of your recipes, the profit margin of each plate, and how much any one dish contributes to the profitability of your menu.

KPI Calculator

Finally, Rezku’s restaurant management tool comes with a feature that lets you identify KPIs (key performance indicators) most closely related to your primary costs and gross sales. To use the KPI calculator, you must answer six questions about your business or provide projected data from your business plan. The KPI calculator will then show you how much you should be spending in three primary cost areas each month: food and beverage, rent and building, and hourly labor.

Tableside Service

Rezku POS comes with a lot of different features related to tableside service. Let’s list them all out:

  • Order coursing
  • Order by seat
  • Split/merge tickets
  • Accept payments tableside
  • Automated gratuity
  • Email receipts
  • Drag-and-drop menu creator
  • Color-coded menus
  • Unlimited order modifiers
  • Floor plan creator
  • Send notes to kitchen

Marketing Tools

Rezku’s marketing suite comes with lots of tools that can promote your business and foster goodwill with your customers. The following features can be accessed for an additional $50 per month:

  • Gift card program
  • Membership rewards program
  • Discounting options
  • Timed pricing (for events like happy hours)
  • CRM database for tracking customer information and purchase history

Integrated POS Caller ID

With integrated POS caller ID from Rezku, takeout phone orders can integrate with your customer database to provide all the necessary customer information: name, address, delivery directions, order history, dietary restrictions, and special notes.

Whenever a call comes in, you can tap the on-screen phone button on the POS and the caller’s information autofills before you start taking their order. Integrated POS caller ID can support up to 16 phone lines—both analog and VoIP.

Integrations and Add-Ons

Rezku integrates with a wide range of third-party products and services, including HR products, online ordering tools, payment processors, and scheduling platforms. Some of the more notable products Rezku integrates with include:

In addition, Rezku sells three other POS software products. The first, Rezku Prime, is a restaurant table management system; Rezku Reservations adds reservation functionality to your POS; and Rezku Waitlist is a front-of-house management tool for hosts and hostesses. Rezku offers two-week free trials for all of these products.

Customer Service

Rezku offers phone, email, and live chat support from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. PT. Their website also boasts a support center with FAQs and a Restaurant Management Library with tips, tricks, and other information about how to start a restaurant or grow your existing business. For additional advice, you can also check out Rezku’s blog.

Rezku POS Pricing

Rezku POS does not provide specific pricing information on their website.[1] Instead, you’ll receive a quote based on the services you require and the size of your business. Rezku does say it offers no hidden fees and 0% financing, but without transparent pricing, there’s no way to be 100% sure.

Rezku POS Pros

Here is what we like about the Rezku POS system:


We said most restaurant POS systems come with a lot of features—but Rezku’s feature set is one of the longest we’ve seen. Features like cash drawer security, integrated caller ID, a menu creator, and food cost and KPI calculators are things we don’t typically come across in POS systems. Neither is a marketing product that gives you gift cards and a loyalty program for one price. If you’re a bells and whistles kind of business owner, Rezku has you covered.


Speaking of bells and whistles, Rezku’s integration capabilities allow them to extend far beyond their (already robust) functionality. You can use Rezku with hundreds of different payment processors, and integrate with Rezku’s in-house software products like Rezku Reservations and Rezku Prime, or throw on a tool to expedite payroll like ADP. This is the benefit of a system as technologically advanced as Rezku.

Rezku POS Cons

Here is what we dislike about Rezku POS:

Pricing Model

It’s naive not to be concerned when a POS provider doesn’t provide pricing information on their website, or says they distribute their products through resellers. The reason for this is that the POS industry lacks transparency, and merchants get burned repeatedly by POS providers who load contracts with hidden fees that end up hurting their business. Resellers in particular are notorious for this. We’re not saying that any of this applies to Rezku, but whenever we see a POS provider using resellers and not providing pricing info, we have to point it out.

Rezku Reviews

The only platform Rezku is widely reviewed on is Capterra, where they score an impressive 4.5 stars out of 5.[2] Positive Rezku reviews from users tout the user-friendliness of the system and report being able to easily track inventory and ingredients, as well as employee hours and tips. They also commend Rezku’s tech support team for being helpful and patient.

On the other hand, some Rezku reviews also report that their report customization options aren’t as robust as other POS systems; however, this isn’t seen as a dealbreaker, as key metrics are still easily monitored.

Rezku POS Alternatives

If you’re not sure about Rezku POS, or if you simply want to check out the competition before deciding on a POS system for your business, here are some Rezku alternatives to consider:

Square for Restaurants

Rezku POS has Square for Restaurants beat in terms of functionality, but Square for Restaurants features more transparent pricing and access to Square’s very popular POS hardware. To use Square for Restaurants you’ll pay a tiered pricing plan that starts at $0 per month, plus a 2.6% + $0.10 fee on credit card transactions. Plus, you’ll get (most) of what you need from a restaurant POS system: inventory, menu, employee, floor plan, and customer relationship management tools. There’s also a reporting suite, and Square offers paid add-ons for payroll, marketing, and a loyalty program.

Sign Up for Square for Restaurants


TouchBistro is more expensive than Square for Restaurants, but it packs nearly as many features as Rezku, while allowing you to bundle your POS hardware and software costs. Like Rezku, TouchBistro will provide you with a customer-facing display and a kitchen display system. You’ll also get all the management tools: inventory, menu, employee, floor plan, and customer relationship. Other features include a reporting suite, loyalty program, and the option to add self-ordering kiosks to your restaurant. Pricing starts at $105 per month for the hardware/software bundles.

Get Started With TouchBistro

Is Rezku POS Right for Your Business?

You have to commend Rezku for offering a product that is overflowing with features. We feel confident in saying that Rezku can handle whatever your business throws at it. The only real question is the price you’ll have to pay. Rezku promises on their website that they don’t charge hidden fees—and if that is true, then they would make a great option for your business. Just be sure to read your contract carefully.

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