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If you have ever applied for a business loan, you may be shocked to learn that there could be a lien filed against your business or certain business assets right now.

That statement isn’t meant to terrify you, only to make you aware of a situation that too few small business owners realize they may face.

It may sound unbelievable, but it’s a true. A bank or finance company just might have a form filed with your state’s authorities declaring their right to your office, warehouse, property, equipment or other business assets should you ever default on a loan or declare bankruptcy.

This form is called a UCC-1 form and our guide will explain to you why you may have a lien filed against your business right now, who might have filed that lien, and how to find out if any such liens exist. 

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Meredith Wood

Meredith Wood

Editor-in-Chief at Fundera
Meredith is Editor-in-Chief at Fundera. Specializing in financial advice for small business owners, Meredith is a current and past contributor to Yahoo!, Amex OPEN Forum, Fox Business, SCORE, AllBusiness and more.
Meredith Wood