Squarespace Pricing and Plans 2021

If you’re hoping to build a website or an ecommerce store for your small business, Squarespace is a great place to start. This popular website building platform offers tons of professionally designed templates, plus other useful features, that let you build and manage your website easily. In this article, we’ll walk you through Squarespace pricing and features attached to each of their four service plans.

A few things to keep in mind: All four Squarespace plans come with 24/7 customer support. Also, you can choose to pay on either a monthly or annual basis, though paying annually will save you money. You can choose to cancel your service or switch plans at any time. Each plan comes with a 14-day free trial period, so you can test out the service before committing to a paid plan.

So, how much does Squarespace cost and what do you get for your money? Let’s find out.

Squarespace Pricing: An Overview

Personal Business Basic Commerce Advanced Commerce


$12 per month with annual subscription or $16 month-to-month
$18 per month with annual subscription or $26 month-to-month
$26 per month with annual subscription or $30 month-to-month
$40 per month with annual subscription or $46 month-to-month


-Unlimited bandwidth and storage
-SSL security
-SEO features
-Basic website metrics
-Squarespace extensions
-Custom email from Google
-Premium integrations and blocks
-CSS and Javascript customization option
-Advanced analytics
-$100 Google Adwords credits
-Promotional pop-ups and banners
-Accept donations
-Point of sale
-Customer accounts
-Checkout on your domain
-Ecommerce analytics
-Merchandising tools
-Products on Instagram
-Abandoned cart recovery
-Sell subscriptions
-Advanced shipping options
-Advanced discounts
-Commerce APIs
-Limited availability levels

Best For

Simple website creation with no ecommerce functionality
Small-scale ecommerce operations
Fully functioning ecommerce websites
Larger-scale ecommerce operations, or subscription-model businesses

Squarespace Plans for Business Websites

There are two Squarespace plans that are best suited for simple business websites: Personal and Business. While their Business plan does offer some ecommerce functionality; typically, if you’re looking to launch a full-fledged ecommerce shop, you’ll want to opt for one of Squarespace’s designated commerce plans (which we’ll discuss next). Ahead, we’ll answer “how much is a Squarespace website?” and walk you through what’s included with each plan.

Squarespace Personal

Squarespace pricing for their Personal plan is $12 per month paid annually, or $16 per month paid monthly. This is a good choice for entrepreneurs who need a simple, but fully functional (and beautifully designed), website for their businesses without ecommerce functionality.

Here’s what’s included in the Personal Squarespace plan:

  • Free custom domain for one year if paid annually
  • SSL security
  • Unlimited bandwidth and storage
  • SEO features
  • A wide range of website templates to choose from, including websites with blogs and portfolios
  • Up to two contributors
  • Websites are optimized for mobile, so they’re easy to navigate on phones
  • Basic website metrics to track visitor statistics and site performance
  • Squarespace extensions

Squarespace Business

Next, Squarespace pricing for their Business plan is $18 per month paid annually, or $26 per month paid monthly. The biggest difference between Squarespace Personal vs. Business plans is that the Business plan offers some ecommcerce functionality.

This plan is designed for business owners who need basic ecommerce functionality along with their website—but not necessarily a full-on online store (that’s where the Commerce plans come into play). You’ll also get a business email with this plan.

This plan gets you everything included with the Personal plan, plus the following:

  • Unlimited contributors
  • The option to purchase email accounts via G Suite email for your Squarespace domain
  • Premium integrations and blocks
  • Complete customization with CSS and Javascript

You’ll also have access to the following marketing features:

  • Advanced website analytics
  • Promotional pop-ups and banners
  • $100 Google Adwords credits

You’ll also have basic ecommerce functionality, which includes the following:

  • Fully integrated ecommerce
  • The ability to sell unlimited products
  • Can accept donations on your website
  • Gift cards

Note that you’ll need to pay a 3% transaction fee on each product sold, which adds up quickly. If your main purpose is to create a beautiful business website and occasionally sell items, then the Squarespace Business plan is right for you. However, if your core purpose is selling products, then a Squarespace Commerce plan is a better bet for you.

Squarespace Plans for Ecommerce Websites

Squarespace offers two plans for business owners to build fully functional ecommerce stores: Basic Commerce and Advanced Commerce. As we mentioned, these are the plans you should look toward if your business revolves around selling products or services online. Here’s what you need to know about Squarespace ecommerce pricing:

Squarespace Basic Commerce

For $26 per month paid annually or $30 paid monthly, you’ll get all the tools you need to build and manage a comprehensive online store.

You’ll get all the website-building and marketing tools included with the Business plan, plus:

  • A Squarespace point of sale system that allows you to sell both online and in-person
  • Customer accounts
  • Checkout on your domain
  • Ecommerce analytics
  • Merchandising tools
  • The ability to sell products on Instagram

You won’t need to pay a Squarespace fee per transaction with this plan. However, you’ll still be responsible for standard payment processing fees from Stripe, the payment processor with which Squarespace ecommerce integrates.

Advanced Commerce

Lastly, for the most robust ecommerce functionality, there’s Squarespace’s Advanced Commerce plan, which costs $40 per month paid annually, or $46 paid monthly.

This is the most comprehensive plan Squarespace offers. It gives users everything included in the Basic Commerce plan, plus the following features that can help boost your sales and facilitate back-end processes:

  • Abandoned cart recovery
  • Sell subscriptions
  • Advanced shipping
  • Advanced discounts
  • Commerce APIs
  • Limited availability labels

Additional Squarespace Fees

In addition to monthly Squarespace fees, there are a few other costs you may need to be aware of when choosing Squarespace to build your business website.

Domain Name

Squarespace gives users the ability to purchase a custom domain name hosted by their registrar, Tucows. Each registered domain name costs $20 to $70 per year. Note that custom domain names are free for one year, only for users who pay on an annual basis. After that, these customers will need to pay the standard domain name registration fee. Also, keep in mind that domain names may be subject to state and local taxes.

G Suite

Each Squarespace plan offers users the ability to purchase Gmail addresses for their domain names through Squarespace’s G Suite integration, which also includes G Suite’s Basic plan. If you’re paying on an annual basis, this additional service will cost you $72 per email address per year. If you choose to pay on a monthly basis, it’ll cost $6 per email address per month.

Payment Processing Fees

If you’re selling products online, either through Squarespace’s Business website plan, or either of their two Commerce plans, then you’ll need to pay Stripe credit card processing fees. Credit and debit cards accepted online cost 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction.

Which Squarespace Plan Is Right for You?

To recap, Squarespace’s Personal plan is the best option for entrepreneurs who need a basic but stylish landing page for their business, or a portfolio for their work. (Remember that Squarespace offers templates with blogging capabilities, too.) Choose the Business plan if you want any of the above, plus the opportunity to sell products on your website. This is also a good option if you want a business email attached to your domain name.

If you want to build a fully fledged ecommerce store, look toward Squarespace’s Commerce solutions. Basic Commerce works for most small ecommerce business owners, but Advanced Commerce is always an option if you want access to a few more selling features—especially if your business sells subscriptions.

Whichever Squarespace plan you choose, rest assured you’re working with one of the world’s most popular and trusted business website builders.

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Christine Aebischer

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