How Successful Women Entrepreneurs Raise Funding (Infographic)

How successful women entrepreneurs raise money

It comes as no surprise that women make positive impacts on various business endeavors. Their ability to calculate risks while putting their egos aside and prioritizing collaboration are just a few ways women make great leaders. Even though women have a harder time landing investors than men when it comes to business funding, over 50% of workers would rather work for women-led companies.

Additionally, despite 79% of companies not prioritizing gender equality in the workplace, more than 57% of enterprise workers agree that gender diversity initiatives improved business outcomes.

There’s no doubt women show great performance, increase workplace engagement rates, weigh in on emotional intelligence, and lead with compassion. Women have the drive and ambition to lead teams and reach for success in all industries.

Kevin O’Leary of Shark Tank admits to seeking out women entrepreneurs as they often show stronger performance.[1] Out of the 40 companies, he’s invested in, 95% of women entrepreneurs have hit their goals compared to the 65% of businesses that are male led.

The underlying question in all of this is: how do successful women achieve their dream job of leading their own company?

Being a successful woman entrepreneur boils down to having the strength, confidence, and ambition to meet your goals, plus picking yourself up no matter how many times you get knocked down. From building your network to having drive and grit, we’ve compiled 9 steps for women entrepreneurs to successfully raise money.

how successful women entrepreneurs raise money

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