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Small Business Financing Guides

Answer all your business financing questions with our comprehensive small business loan guides.

Beginner's Guide to Business Loans

4 Best Small Business Loans in Florida: Do You Qualify for the Top Options?

Need capital for your Florida-based business? Here’s where and how to get a small business loan in Florida.

Small Business Loans in Virginia: The Top 6 Options

Need capital for your Virginia-based business? We break down the best business loans in Virginia here.

The Most Important Qualifications for a Business Loan

Wondering how to qualify for a business loan? We break down everything you need to know to get the best loan for your business.

General Business Loan Information

High Risk Business Loans: Know Before You Owe

What are high risk business loans? Learn everything you need to know about these business loans before you take on debt.

Small Business Loan Brokers: Should You Hire One to Get Financing?

A small business loan broker can help you secure commercial financing in exchange for a fee. Find out if hiring a business loan broker is right for you.

Small Business Lending: Find the Best Option in 6 Steps

What are your best options for small business lending in 2020? These 6 crucial steps will help you choose the right financing solution and apply today.

Financing Purposes

Merchant Capital: How to Get Merchant Financing

Use this free guide to determine if a merchant capital advance is the right financing option for your business. If it’s not, we’ll help you find a better alternative.

Business Expansion Loans: What Do You Qualify For?

Looking to grow your business? We’ve compiled the complete list to all the best business expansion loans here.

Merchant Financing: What It Is and How to Find It

Looking for merchant financing? We break down exactly how merchant financing works (and where to find it) in this ultimate guide.

SBA Funding

SBA 7(a) Loans: The Ultimate Guide to Getting One

Looking for a SBA 7(a) loan for your business? Here’s exactly how to get this low-cost, long-term financing.

Types of SBA Loans: The Complete Guide to SBA Loan Programs

Learn about all 14 different types of SBA loans, including their rates, terms, and how to qualify for the right SBA loan program for your business.

SBA Loan Rates - Current June 2020 Loan Rates

SBA loan rates vary based on the specific loan program—but generally, they range from below 4% to no higher than 13%. Find current SBA loan rates here.

Asset-Based Financing

No Credit Check Semi Truck Financing: Best Options

Searching for no credit check semi truck financing? Use our guide to make sure you’re doing it right.

Farm Equipment Loans: The Top 6 Options of 2020

Need capital to purchase your farm equipment? We break down all the best farm equipment loans in this ultimate guide.

Food Truck Financing: Top 5 Food Truck Loans

Need the best food truck financing? Use our guide to compare your top options for food truck loans and decide which solution is right for your business.

Bank Loans and Lines of Credit

The Complete Guide to BB&T Business Loans

Looking for a BB&T business loan? We break down all your options in this ultimate guide.

KeyBank Business Loans: What You Need to Know

Are KeyBank business loans the right type of financing for your business? Learn all your options in this ultimate guide.

What Bank Loans for Business Do You Qualify For?

Looking for bank business loans? We break down the 8 best bank loans for business (and the top alternatives) here.

Other Loan Types

Business Finance Advance: Are They Right for You?

Should you use Business Financing Advance to meet your business’s financing needs? Learn everything about this alternative lender here.

Microloans: The 6 Best Microlenders for Small Businesses

Looking for microloans for your business or startup? We’ve rounded up your 6 best options—and everything you need to know about them.

Commercial Bridge Loans: How They Work and Top Lenders

Commercial bridge loans are a type of short-term financing frequently used in real estate. Learn more about bridge loans and how they work here.

Alternative Sources of Funding

LendingTree Business Loans: The Complete 2020 Review

Should you apply for LendingTree business loans? We walk through everything you need to know about this alternative funding source in this guide.

The 2020 Review of Everbank Commercial Finance

Is Everbank Commercial Finance right for your business? Learn exactly how this financing company works with this ultimate guide.

Top 4 Dealstruck Alternatives for Business Funding

Searching for a loan from Dealstruck? Since Dealstruck went out of business in 2016, these are your next best financing alternatives.