Small Business Financing Guides

Answer all your business financing questions with our comprehensive small business loan guides.

Beginner's Guide to Business Loans

Commercial Financing - Compare the 10 Best Business Loans

Need commercial financing for your business? We’ve rounded up the top business loans available in 2019. Compare all your options and apply online.

SBA 504 vs. 7(a) Loan Comparison: What Are the Differences?

Looking for an overview of SBA 504 vs. 7(a) loans? This comparison guide will help you decide which is best for your business.

Small Business Loans in Michigan: The Top 6 Options

Need capital for your Michigan-based business? We break down the best business loans in Michigan here.

General Business Loan Information

Business Line of Credit Rates: Find the Best Here

Looking for an affordable line of credit? Learn about all of the best business line of credit interest rates on the market here.

Small Business Loan Brokers: Should You Hire One to Get Financing?

A small business loan broker can help you secure commercial financing in exchange for a fee. Find out if hiring a business loan broker is right for you.

Small Business Lending: Find the Best Option in 6 Steps

What are your best options for small business lending in 2019? These 6 crucial steps will help you choose the right financing solution and apply today.

Financing Purposes

What Business Acquisition Loans Do You Qualify For?

Business acquisition loans can help you buy a business or open a franchise. Compare the 4 major loan types, choose the best financing option & apply in minutes.

Business Expansion Loans: What Do You Qualify For?

Looking to grow your business? We’ve compiled the complete list to all the best business expansion loans here.

Quick Business Loans: Best Lenders for Fast Access to Capital

Looking for the best quick business loans? Use our guide to explore your top options—including their pros and cons—for access to the capital you need, fast.

SBA Funding

SBA Express Loans: Can You Qualify For One?

SBA Express Loans offer the benefits of SBA funding but with a quick 36-hour turnaround on approval. Learn more about SBA Express Loans in our comprehensive guide.

SBA Line of Credit: Can You Qualify for One?

An SBA line of credit (AKA CAPLines) can help finance your small business. Compare the 4 best credit line options & see if you qualify instantly.

SBA Loan Requirements: Everything You Need to Apply and Qualify for SBA Loans

Learn all of the SBA loan requirements you'll need to meet to get a loan from the SBA. Plus, review the different SBA loan programs and how to apply.

Asset-Based Financing

Gym Equipment Finance: Your Best Options in 2019

Need to finance gym equipment? We break down how to get a loan for gym equipment in this complete guide.

What Business Auto Loans Do You Qualify For?

Need an affordable business auto loan? Check out our guide to the top three auto loans available for small business owners.

Equipment Loan Agreement: Everything You Need to Know

Before you sign off on an equipment loan agreement, make sure you read our guide to understand what you're signing up for.

Bank Loans and Lines of Credit

Bank of America SBA Loans: The Complete 2019 Review

Are Bank of America SBA loans the right way to finance your business? Learn everything you need to know about SBA funding with Bank of America here.

Credit Union Business Loans: Can You Qualify for One?

Interested in credit union business loans? Learn everything you need to know about them in this ultimate guide, and apply online to the best financing options for you.

A 2019 Guide to Capital One Small Business Loans

Looking for a Capital One business loan? We break down all the Capital One small business loans in this ultimate guide.

Other Loan Types

Online Business Loans: The 7 Best Options of 2019

Turned down by a bank? Applying for online business loans is a great alternative for entrepreneurs looking to finance their business.

Same-Day Business Loans: The Best Lenders to Get You Funding Now

Looking for same-day business loans? We break down your best options for when you need funding immediately. Compare now and apply online in minutes.

Short-Term Loans Online: Where to Find the Best in 2019

Looking for short-term loans online? Here’s everything you need to know about them—and where to find the best options.

Alternative Sources of Funding

PayPal Working Capital Review 2019: Ultimate Guide

What's PayPal Working Capital? Is a PayPal business loan right for your business? Here's your go-to PayPal Working Capital guide.

Kabbage Competitors: How The 5 Best Stack Up

We compared the top Kabbage competitors for 2019. If you need short-term funding for your small business, read these reviews of Kabbage alternatives.

USDA Business Loans: What are the Best Options?

USDA business loans help startups and businesses in rural communities access low-cost funding. Learn requirements and terms.