Small Business Financing Guides

Answer all your business financing questions with our comprehensive small business loan guides.

Beginner's Guide to Business Loans

How to Get a Business Loan: 5 Steps to Success

Getting the best small business loan possible is simple with our 5-step guide. Browse and compare the most popular types of business loans here.

How to Get a Small Business Loan Without Collateral

Looking to get a collateral free business loan? We break down how to get a small business loan without collateral here.

How to Fund a Business: Every Step You Need to Take

Wondering how to get a funding for a business? We break down every single option available in this ultimate guide.

General Business Loan Information

Short-Term Finance: How to Get It For Your Business

Are short-term finance options right for your business? Learn everything you need to know about how short-term financing works and where to apply.

20 Small Business Loan Requirements You Need to Know

Before you apply, learn the 20 small business loan requirements essential to your application’s success.

Getting a Loan with a Tax Lien Is Possible—Here’s How

Need a business loan but have a tax lien on your hands? Tax lien financing is possible if you follow these five steps.

Financing Purposes

Inventory Financing: 5 Steps to Getting the Best Inventory Loans

Not sure if you qualify for inventory financing? Learn more about this funding method for your small business and follow our 5 simple steps to apply.

Franchise Finance: Top 6 Franchise Loans of 2019

Looking for franchise financing? Use this guide to compare the 8 best franchise loans available to franchise owners and apply online to your top option.

Where to Find the Best Business Acquisition Loans

Business acquisition loans can help you buy a business or open a franchise. Compare the 4 major loan types, choose the best financing option & apply in minutes.

SBA Funding

SBA Disaster Loans: What They Are and How to Get One

Are you eligible for SBA Disaster Loans? Use this ultimate guide to the ins and outs of SBA Disaster Loans to find out.

SBA Loans for Women: Where to Find the Best in 2019

Looking for SBA loans for women? We’ve rounded up the top options for female entrepreneurs in this free guide. Compare your options and apply to the best.

What’s a Patriot Express Loan? We Explain It Here

Looking for a Patriot Express Loan? Use this guide to learn about the Patriot Express Loan Program—and the best alternatives for veteran entrepreneurs.

Asset-Based Financing

Equipment Financing Companies: The 3 Best to Work With

Looking for an equipment loan for your business? We review the three best equipment financing companies on the market.

Top Rated Factoring Companies in 2019: Where to Find the Best

We reviewed the top 4 invoice factoring & financing services to help you manage your accounts payable. Learn how factoring companies can strengthen your business.

No Credit Check Semi Truck Financing: How to Find It Here

Searching for no credit check semi truck financing? Use our guide to make sure you’re doing it right.

Bank Loans and Lines of Credit

Bank of America Business Loans Compared: 2019 Review

Bank of America business loans come in many different shapes and sizes - but which is right for your business? Compare SBA loans, secured loans, new credit lines & other options.

Wells Fargo Business Loans: Every Option in One Place

Can you qualify for Wells Fargo Business Loan? In this guide, we walk through every business loan Wells Fargo offers—and which one is your best option.

Wells Fargo Business Line of Credit 2019 Review

Wells Fargo business lines of credit offer low interest rates and flexible repayment. Find out details and how to apply.

Other Loan Types

17 Types of Business Loans You Need to Know (2019 Update)

Looking for business loans? Here are the different types of business loans you should know. Use this guide to compare and apply to the best loan for you.

Commercial Loans: The 7 Best Loan Options (2019 Update)

Learn everything you need to know about using commercial loans to finance your business. Compare your options and apply to the best loan.

Startup Business Loans No Collateral: Find the Best Here

Here are the 5 best startup business loans—no collateral needed. Learn what you need to know about no-collateral startup business loans and apply online.

Alternative Sources of Funding

LLC Business Loans: The Complete 2019 Review

Is LLC Business Loans the right business financing company to work with? We break down everything you need to know in this complete guide.

Merchant Cash Advance Companies: 4 Top Options

Merchant cash advance companies can help you get capital fast when you're in a pinch. Find out if an MCA is right for your business.

Everest Business Funding: The Complete 2019 Review

Thinking about using Everest Business Funding? Here’s everything you need to know about this business financing company.