Fundbox Business Loans Review for 2020


Fundbox is an online lender and financial technology company that provides small business loans in the form of revolving lines of credit. As of August 2020, Fundbox has discontinued their net-terms product, which was a secondary offering in addition to their line of credit.

Founded in 2013, Fundbox takes a unique approach to business loan applications—instead of simply using technology to expedite your ability to upload documentation, they leverage technology by allowing you to connect your accounting software or business bank account to their platform—which streamlines both the application and underwriting processes while eliminating the need for paperwork.

Fundbox’s tech-based process sets them apart from competitors—plus, they have flexible line of credit requirements and can offer funding as fast as one business day.

Pros and Cons

  • Simple, automated process with almost no documentation required
  • Fast access to flexible revolving line of credit; approval in only minutes and funds available as fast as one business day
  • Easy to qualify for; accessible for startups and businesses with bad credit
  • No origination, maintenance, or draw fees
  • No collateral required; personal guarantee only required on larger credit lines
  • No prepayment penalties
  • Frequent repayments required
  • No credit lines available over $100,000
  • Rates can be expensive

Fundbox Business Loans

As we mentioned, Fundbox offers a single type of financing with their business line of credit product. The Fundbox line of credit is a true revolving line of credit—meaning you can draw funds from your credit line (up to your approved amount)—then repay what you’ve used to make those funds available again.

Additionally, Fundbox has a unique feature of their line of credit product that allows you to draw on your credit line against unpaid invoices. Through your connected accounting software and Fundbox account, you can select an invoice and receive an advance on that payment through your line of credit. 

Funds will transfer to your bank account as soon as the next business day—and you’ll only pay when you draw on the funds—repaying over the course of your 12- or 24-week plan.

A variation on more traditional invoice financing, this feature is ideal for B2B businesses that regularly invoice customers.

Fundbox Line of Credit

  • Credit line amount

    Up to $100,000

  • Line of credit terms

    12 or 24 weeks

  • Interest rates

    Start at 4.66% (of draw amount)

Fundbox Line of Credit Requirements

  • Time in business

    Three months

  • Annual revenue


  • Credit score


Fundbox Borrower Eligibility

With the exception of these standard line of credit requirements, Fundbox doesn’t have many other specific eligibility criteria. Here are a few qualifications, however, that you’ll want to keep in mind:

Restricted Industries

Fundbox does not work with businesses in the following industries:

  • Adult entertainment and services
  • Firearms and weapons
  • Online gaming and gambling (e.g. Bidding fee auctions, sports forecasting or odds making, internet gaming, fantasy sports leagues with cash prizes, etc.)
  • Drugs, dispensaries, and drug paraphernalia
  • Money Services Businesses (MSBs)
  • Non-profit organizations

Financial History

  • Fundbox requires that you have a business bank account.
  • Fundbox prefers that you have at least two months of activity in any supported accounting software or three months of transactions in a business bank account.
  • Fundbox can work with any business entity type.


Fundbox works with businesses in all 50 states, as well as any of the supported U.S. territories.

What You Need to Apply

Based on how Fundbox works—as we explained above—you’ll need to be able to provide credentials for your business bank account or accounting software in order to apply. 

Fundbox supports about 11,000 banks around the U.S. and its territories. They do not support Bluebird, Green Dot, American Express, Centurion Bank, or Payoneer. In terms of accounting software, Fundbox currently supports:

  • QuickBooks Online and Desktop
  • FreshBooks Classic and New
  • Xero
  • Harvest
  • Clio
  • invoiceASAP
  • Kashoo
  • Jobber
  • eBility
  • Zoho

In addition to connecting either your business bank account or accounting software, you’ll also need to provide some basic information about you, the business owner, and your business.

How to Get a Line of Credit With Fundbox

If you think a Fundbox line of credit might be right for your business, you can submit an application in just minutes on their website—here’s what to expect:

Application and Underwriting Process

As we’ve mentioned, Fundbox has one of the simplest and fastest underwriting processes of just about any business lender. Once you’ve hit “apply” on the Fundbox website, you’ll go through the following steps:

  1. Sign up for a Fundbox account by providing a few basic details about your business.
  2. Connect your accounting software or business checking account to the Fundbox platform. In general, you can choose whichever shows a higher or more stable history of sales. 
  3. Once you’re connected, Fundbox will review your information and may ask for some additional data. At this point, as part of their credit assessment, they’ll conduct a soft credit pull, which won’t affect your credit score. 
  4. Fundbox will review all of your data and likely will give you a decision within minutes. If your application is taking longer than usual, they will notify you that extra time is needed and send you an email when a decision is made.

Funding Process

If you qualify for a Fundbox line of credit, your decision will include the line amount you’re approved for, as well as your interest rate. In most cases, Fundbox will only ask for a personal guarantee for larger credit line amounts—usually for those over $50,000. 

With your approval, you’ll be able to log in to your account immediately, view your online dashboard, and start drawing funds. That said, unlike many other line of credit providers, Fundbox does not charge origination fees, maintenance fees, termination fees, or draw fees on their credit lines.

Typically, funds should arrive in your bank account within two business days—for next-day arrival, you’ll want to make your funds request before 12:00 p.m. PT Monday through Thursday. At this point, it’s important to note that when you draw funds from your Fundbox credit line for the first time, Fundbox will perform a hard inquiry on your credit.

If you weren’t approved, but keep your bank account or accounting software connected to the Fundbox system, it will be periodically reevaluated to see if you become eligible. On the other hand, if you choose to disconnect your data, Fundbox recommends waiting at least 90 days before reapplying.

Repayment Process

When you make your first draw of funds, you’ll be able to choose from two different weekly repayment terms—a 12-week repayment term or a 24-week repayment term. Regardless of which option you choose, however, Fundbox will automatically debit payments from your business bank account on a weekly basis (on Wednesdays).

With this in mind, it’s important to mention that Fundbox structures their repayment terms as amortized weekly fees. Therefore, if you’re able to pay back the funds you’ve borrowed early, you’ll be able to save on interest. Fundbox does not charge any prepayment penalties—if you repay early, they simply waive all remaining fees.

That said, you’ll be able to track your repayment schedule—as well as your credit line, transactions, and draw history, from your Fundbox dashboard online or using the Fundbox mobile app (available for iOS and Android). In addition, you have the option to keep your Fundbox account connected to your bank account or accounting software, so you’ll always know how much available credit you have at your disposal. 

Finally, unlike business term loans or other types of financing, you don’t have to worry about renewing your line of credit after you’ve drawn and repaid your funds. As we explained earlier, Fundbox offers a revolving line of credit—meaning once you’ve repaid what you owe, the amount you repaid (minus fees, of course) becomes available again in your credit line.

Fundbox Customer Service

Fundbox customer service is available via phone and email. If you’re working on applying for a Fundbox line of credit, you call their application-specific support line at 855-262-5307. You can also call their general customer support representatives at 855-572-7707 or email their team at

In addition, you can submit a ticket-based inquiry from their help center here.

Overall, Fundbox customer service is available from Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m ET.

Fundbox Customer Reviews

How do customers rate their experience with Fundbox?

Overall, Fundbox reviews are generally positive across most major consumer review websites. In fact, not only is Fundbox a BBB-accredited business with an A+ rating—but they also have an average of 4.59 out of 5 stars based on customer reviews on that site—something you don’t typically see with alternative lenders.

In addition, Fundbox is rated 4.7 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot, with reviewers highlighting Fundbox’s simple process, fast funding time, and user-friendly platform. Moreover, many positive Fundbox reviews also mention how dependable the company is, how they explain everything and make things easy to understand, and how useful it is that you can turn to them again and again for quick financing.

More negative Fundbox reviews, on the other hand, tend to mention high fees and quick repayment terms. Some customers also complain of being denied for arbitrary reasons, such as not having enough months of business bank account activity. Other concerns raised by customers include poor customer service and a confusing application process.

It’s worth noting, however, that on many review sites, Fundbox customer service representatives respond to both positive and negative reviews—either thanking customers for their comments, or trying to resolve issues they might have.

Fundbox Alternatives

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