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Triumph Business Capital is an invoice factoring company that specializes in factoring for small to medium-sized businesses, as well as trucking businesses, freight brokers, staffing companies, and government contractors. 

Backed by the publicly traded Triumph Bancorp, Inc., Triumph Business Capital also offers additional financing solutions including asset-based lending, equipment financing, and fuel cards and advances.

Pros and Cons

  • Lender specializing in invoice factoring
  • Offers both recourse and non-recourse factoring
  • True factoring company, handles payment collection and allows you to track it online
  • Flexible requirements to qualify; accessible for new businesses and those with lower credit scores
  • Slower to fund compared to other options
  • Origination fee
  • No information available about factor fees ranges
  • Hard credit pull with application

Triumph Business Capital Invoice Factoring

Although Triumph Business Capital offers a few other types of small business loans, their main focus is invoice factoring. As an invoice factoring company, Triumph Business Capital gives you the opportunity to sell your accounts receivable at a discount and get paid almost immediately.

Then, as a true factoring company—as opposed to an invoice financing company—Triumph Business Capital assumes responsibility for the collection of payment on your accounts receivable.

Here’s what Triumph can offer:

  • Max factoring amount: Up to $5 million
  • Terms: Until customers pay their invoices
  • Fees: $300 origination fee; factor fees depend on your unique agreement—Triumph considers whether you opt for recourse or non-recourse factoring, the credit of your customers, etc. to determine your fees

In addition, you don’t have to factor all of your invoices with Triumph—however, if you decide to factor one of your accounts, Triumph does require that you factor all of the invoices for that customer to prevent confusion with payments.

Qualifications for Triumph Business Capital Invoice Factoring

  • Time in business

    One year

  • Annual revenue


  • Credit score


Triumph Business Capital Borrower Eligibility

In addition to the requirements listed above, here’s some general information to keep in mind when it comes to eligibility criteria for invoice factoring from Triumph Business Capital:

Restricted Businesses

Triumph Business Capital does not work with the following types of businesses:

  • Businesses that don’t operate on a business-to-business structure (i.e. B2C businesses)
  • Produce distributors
  • Construction businesses
  • Medical receivables (companies billing Medicaid or Medicare)
  • Businesses that operate out of a home address

Financial and Business History

  • Triumph Business Capital cannot work with businesses that have an outstanding, unsubordinated tax lien.
  • Triumph Business Capital requires that you have a business bank account.
  • Triumph Business Capital can work with business owners who have declared bankruptcy, but at least a year has to have passed since discharge. 
  • Applicants need to represent at least 80% ownership of their business to access Triumph Business Capital factoring.


Triumph Business Capital can only work with businesses that are located in the U.S. and whose clients are also located in the U.S.

What You Need to Apply

  • Basic information about you, the business owner, and your business
  • Articles of incorporation or other organizational documents
  • Most recent business tax return
  • Profit and loss statement for the current year to date
  • Balance sheet for the current year to date
  • Insurance information
  • Accounts receivable aging
  • Accounts payable aging (if applicable)

How to Get Invoice Factoring From Triumph Business Capital

If you’re interested in invoice factoring from Triumph Business Capital, there are two ways you can start the application process.

First, you can submit an inquiry form on their website, which simply asks for basic information about your business and the financing you’re looking for. On the other hand, you might opt to call Triumph directly and speak to one of their representatives about starting your application.

In either case, you’ll work with a Triumph Business Capital representative directly to complete the application and underwriting process.

Here’s what the basic process looks like:

Application and Underwriting Process

During Triumph Business Capital underwriting, this lender will evaluate your business and documentation to determine that your accounts receivable are free of liens. Other than that, they’ll be looking at the credentials of the customers on the invoices you wish to factor. 

Your ability to repay the money you borrow through Triumph Business Capital factoring will be based on the credit risk associated with your customers, the time it takes them to pay their invoices, as well as the monthly funding volume for your business.

That said, Triumph Business Capital will devote some of their underwriting efforts to vet your business as well. When you submit an application for Triumph Business Capital factoring, the lender will perform a hard credit inquiry on your personal credit score through Equifax.

Overall, Triumph can process your application as fast as 24 hours and respond to you fairly quickly. When you receive an offer from Triumph, you’ll want to review it thoroughly, as the factor fees you’re charged will vary based on the type of factoring you choose.

Triumph Business Capital offers both recourse and non-recourse factoring. With non-recourse factoring, Triumph assumes all the risk for collecting the debt from your customers in the case that they don’t pay, but this normally a more expensive option compared to recourse factoring.

If you accept Triumph’s offer, they’ll perform a final review of your invoices and you can choose how you want to receive your funds. You should be able to access your financing in around one to three days.

That said, it’s important to mention that Triumph charges a $300 origination fee with their invoice factoring. They’ll also file an all-assets lien on your business when you sign an agreement with them.

In addition, although Triumph Business Capital can fund new customers as fast as five days—it typically takes them an average of seven days.

Triumph Business Capital Post-Funding

After your fund with Triumph, you’ll have very little maintenance to worry about. Because Triumph Business Capital offers invoice factoring vs. invoice financing, they will own any invoice that they advance for you. This means that they’ll be responsible for collecting the invoice value from your invoiced customer.

Nevertheless, you’ll still be able to keep track of your progress with Triumph factoring. They will provide you with online statements and an online dashboard to keep track of your factored invoice, should you want to keep tabs on it.

And, if you’re concerned about maintaining your relationships with your customers, Triumph has tools to help you through the process.

Finally, it’s important to note that although Triumph Business Capital will only check your personal credit during their underwriting, they will report to both business and personal credit bureaus. As a result, both your business and personal credit scores will be affected by your payment history with Triumph Business Capital factoring.

Triumph Business Capital Customer Service

You can contact Triumph Business Capital customer service by phone or email.

If you have general questions about Triumph Business Capital and their financing options, you can call 972-942-4325 or submit a message using the form here.

For applicants or existing customers looking for support, you can email or call 866-356-0888.

Triumph Business Capital Customer Reviews

What do previous customers have to say about their experience with Triumph Business Capital?

Overall, Triumph Business Capital is fairly well-reviewed across the internet. Triumph is BBB-accredited with an A+ rating and five complaints closed in the last three years. Although Triumph only has two reviews on the BBB site, they seem to be actively responding to both reviews and complaints and trying to resolve any issues customers may have.

That said, across other sites, Triumph Business Capital reviews are generally positive. This small business lender has an average of 3.6 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot and 4.3 out of 5 stars on Google reviews.

Satisfied reviewers frequently highlight the excellent customer service they receive, mentioning how professional and helpful the Triumph representatives are. In addition, many reviewers note that Triumph listens to what their business needs and is great for factoring.

On the other hand, more negative reviews tend to focus on problems with their customers and the payment flow—mentioning having to follow up with Triumph to collect payment from their customers. Some reviewers also state that they have trouble contacting Triumph customer service and getting in touch with them.

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