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The State of Online Small Business Lending — Q1 2016

Our third quarterly report looks at millennials as small business owners. What sorts of industries are they in? How do they look for business loans? Are they better or worse borrowers than non-millennials? These questions and more are answered by our industry-representative data.


The State of Online Small Business Lending — Q4 2015

Our second quarterly report covers the difference between short-term and medium-term lines of credit—in terms of interest rates, eligibility standards, and more. It also dives into Fundera’s product offerings and some interesting trends in traditional medium-term loans.


The State of Online Small Business Lending — Q3 2015

Our first quarterly report on the state of the online small business lending industry. Our report provides small business owners with insight into eligibility requirements, loan product offerings, trends in loan rates, and the distribution of loans on the Fundera platform. We aim to release these reports quarterly to promote transparency in the industry.


A Timeline of Fighting for Transparency

Fundera’s mission is to make credit access more transparent, fair and accountable to America’s small businesses. This timeline captures some of our most significant milestones toward achieving that mission.


The Borrower Bill of Rights

We have identified the fundamental financing rights that we believe all small businesses deserve. We encourage the entire small business financing industry to join us in upholding these rights.


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