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The 4 Step Checklist for Starting a Business

Ready for the big moment? Starting a business is an exciting leap… Make sure you’re prepared.


21 Overlooked Small Business Tax Deductions You Need to Know

When tax season comes around, how much could be saving for your business if you took advantage of all the tax deductions available?


6 Steps to Negotiating a Business Acquisition Letter of Intent

Thinking about buying an existing business? Or considering selling yours? Learn how to do both with this guide.


A Quick Walkthrough Of All Your Invoice Financing Options

If your unpaid invoices are creating a dangerous gap in your cash flow, invoice financing is a great option for getting your accounts receivables back on track.


The State of Online Small Business Lending — Q1 2016

Our third quarterly report looks at millennials as small business owners. What sorts of industries are they in? How do they look for business loans? Are they better or worse borrowers than non-millennials? These questions and more are answered by our industry-representative data.


The State of Online Small Business Lending — Q4 2015

Our second quarterly report covers the difference between short-term and medium-term lines of credit—in terms of interest rates, eligibility standards, and more. It also dives into Fundera’s product offerings and some interesting trends in traditional medium-term loans.


Your Equipment Loan Application Cheat Sheet

Equipment financing can be a great way to upgrade your business. Learn how to breeze through the application process today.


Nine Obstacles That Will Hold Up Your Business Loan

When you’re applying for a business loan, there are plenty of things that can get in the way. Learn about the nine major obstacles and how you can avoid them.


Everything You Need to Know To Build and Boost Your Business's Credit History

Did you know your business has a credit score? Business credit is key metric that is often forgotten – learn more through our comprehensive eGuide.


How Credit Scores Are Calculated At Every Major Bureau

Understanding how the major bureaus measure your credit score will help you make more informed financial decisions.


Small Business Loan Toolkit

Everything you need to find the perfect small business loan – in one convenient place!

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News and advice for small business owners, by small business owners.

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