The Zach Grant

Today, Fundera's commitment to helping entrepreneurs and raising awareness of small business issues is stronger than ever. We are proud to introduce Fundera’s Annual Entrepreneurial Grant, The Zach Grant, to help budding entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

Why Zach?

Zach, the founder of the successful restaurant chain Fusian, is the reason Fundera exists. When Zach couldn’t get a bank loan, Fundera’s co-founder (and Zach’s cousin!) Jared Hecht wanted to know why. His journey led to the formation of Fundera—and the rest is history. Learn more about why we started Fundera here .

What You Need to Know:

Fundera will award $2,500 for the best video entry every year. The grant will be awarded in check form, made payable directly to the business.*

How to Apply:


Like and follow us on Facebook .


Record a 3 minute video responding to the question below:

"Why did you start your own business?"


Publish the video to your YouTube channel with the following title:

"Fundera Zach Grant — Your Business Name"


Email your video to from your business email.


Post the video to your social networks!

Judging Criteria





January 1, 2018 . Winner will be announced February 1, 2018 .

* Participant must be an owner of a registered business.