The #1 Best App for Contractors

Updated on January 31, 2020
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As I sat down to write an article about the best finance apps available for contractors, I realized that there is really only one app that I want to talk about—Knowify.

Knowify is the one and only app that works with QuickBooks Online that gives you everything you need to get your construction company onto the cloud.

The construction industry was one of the last industries to get onto the cloud because of complex job costing and progress billing needs, and some contractors were also concerned with AIA billing requirements. Knowify solves all of that.

Knowify: Why It’s the Best App for Contractors

Knowify solves some user experience issues as well. In QuickBooks Desktop, one challenge that came up frequently for me was that we would create detailed estimates with line items for every material and every kind of labor. When we would go to invoice our clients, we would not want all of this detail on the invoice. In many cases, we wanted something much simpler. One line for labor and one for materials. We solved this problem, somewhat, with groups in QuickBooks Desktop, but it was still a bit cumbersome.

With Knowify, it’s simple—with a click of a button, you can create your estimate and your invoice with exactly as much detail as you want.

One of the benefits of having created a lot of videos for QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online, and many apps is that I’ve formed relationships with people at a lot of these companies.

So instead of giving you my own demo of Knowify, I invited someone from Knowify to give us all a demo. The video is slightly more than 90 minutes, and it gives you a walk-through of a brand-new company.

We start from nothing and complete the entire process of setting up the company, linking it to QuickBooks Online, setting up a project, creating the estimate, invoicing the customer, and entering the actual expenses so you can see how to job cost and track everything.

By the end of this video, I’m confident you’ll see why I think Knowify is the best app for contractors. You’ll also have a step-by-step video outline for how to get started.

Seth David
Contributing Writer at Fundera

Seth David

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