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Updated on April 20, 2023
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How We Form Our Editorial Opinions

  • Fundera's Mission

    Fundera is the go-to financial resource for every small business—helping you face your challenges, achieve your financial goals, and grow businesses as big as your aspirations.

At Fundera, we’ve worked with tens of thousands of small business owners who run and lead impressive companies—the ones making up the backbone of America’s economy.

But we’ve never met a business owner who can literally do it all: be the CEO and the accountant, financial officer, marketer, salesperson, head of HR, and more. Being an expert in every aspect of running and growing a company is not only overwhelming but it’s just about impossible. That’s where Fundera comes in.

We’re the go-to resource for every business owner trying to navigate the challenges of running a business. And through our content, we provide objective, accurate, and accessible advice for every entrepreneur looking to make their best business decisions yet.

How We Create Content

The Fundera editorial team is made up of lending specialists, bookkeepers, licensed attorneys, and journalists who all believe that small business owners deserve to be equipped with the information they need to build great businesses.

We dedicate our time to researching the problems, decisions, and opportunities small business owners face every day. We strive to provide not only the most accurate and unbiased information available, but also the most accessible and honest information available.

We break down complicated business topics into understandable and actionable advice to take the headache out of staying informed.

Our Editorial Process

We stick to strict editorial guidelines to ensure that we’re providing accurate and unbiased business advice. Here’s how every member of our team approaches the editorial process:

Research: We spend thousands of hours researching the products we review, citing the most trustworthy sources, finding original data, and speaking to applicable experts before we begin writing.

Write: We break down what we learn into digestible and informative articles, giving our readers both breadth and depth into a variety of subjects. When reviewing certain business products, we have created vertical-specific frameworks that evaluate and score providers and services based on the quality and accessibility of their offerings.

Edit: Before anything gets published, all of our content goes through a rigorous editing and fact-checking process to ensure accuracy.

Our Editorial Team

Fundera’s editorial team is made up of writers and editors with a wide variety of expertise in business subjects. We carefully assemble our team so that we can cover every aspect of starting, growing, and running a business in detail.

Get to know our writers, editors, and regular contributors below:

How We Make Money

We come across a lot of business tools and financial products in the process of giving business owners honest recommendations for how to run their companies.

Although we review any and all products on the market, we’ve only partnered with the companies we believe offer best-in-class solutions for business owners. This means that we make money if you receive certain business products you need through Fundera. Our relationship with our partners can impact where products are mentioned and placed on our site.

However, our team has complete editorial independence when it comes to reviewing products and making recommendations. We’ll never recommend a product that isn’t a top solution on the market, and partners can’t influence any of their reviews on Fundera.

In the end, we’re here to be a partner to your business. We strive to guide you to the best decisions for your business, whether we get compensated for it or not.

Our Partners

Take a look at Fundera’s partners by business solution:

Meredith Wood
Vice President and Founding Editor at Fundera

Meredith Wood

Meredith Wood is the founding editor of the Fundera Ledger and a vice president at Fundera. She launched the Fundera Ledger in 2014 and has specialized in financial advice for small business owners for almost a decade. Meredith is frequently sought out for her expertise in small business lending. She is a monthly columnist for AllBusiness, and her advice has appeared in the SBA, SCORE, Yahoo, Amex OPEN Forum, Fox Business, American Banker, Small Business Trends, MyCorporation, Small Biz Daily, StartupNation, and more. Email: meredith@fundera.com.
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