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How to Increase Customer Satisfaction With Just a Hello

Business owners consider it a matter of pride to have great customer service. In fact, great customer service leads to increased customer satisfaction and it is what sets small businesses apart from one another.

Great customer service starts the first time a customer encounters your business, and often this means the first time you speak on the phone. Customers (and potential customers!) respond to feeling welcomed and respected, and will remember companies who made them feel that way.

The basic principle of increasing the satisfaction of your customers is for your team to treat them as they would the CEO of the company. The customer is the boss and your livelihood. Without them, you aren’t getting a paycheck. This doesn’t mean over-promising or sucking up, but it does mean responding quickly and respectfully when presented with an issue. Having your employees keep this attitude in mind will immediately separate your company from the pack.

Some other ways of increasing customer satisfaction on the outset include:

  1. The Greeting—The way your employees answer the phone is vital. Greet the customer warmly and make them feel at ease. The mood of your customer can vary from upbeat to disgruntled to outraged, and your staff should be able to sense it and respond accordingly. Representatives must provide the same level of empathy and patience no matter the situation.
  2. The Right Question—“How can I help you?” or “What can I do for you?” shows that your company wants to make sure they are meeting the needs of that customer. Have your representative demonstrate that they are taking in what the customer says by repeating it back to them. Listen carefully, and don’t make a customer repeat the same information over and over again.
  3. Don’t Dispute—If a customer continues to be irate with one of your representatives, make sure they don’t respond in kind. They should keep their voice calm and try to restore confidence by acting on their complaint and staying with them through the resolution.
  4. Know Your Company—There isn’t anything much worse than if (as a customer) the person you are speaking with isn’t familiar with the company’s products or services. Employees should keep abreast of the products, latest developments, and newest procedures.
  5. Let it Roll Off Your Back—A seasoned representative will know that the vitriol from customers is not necessarily directed at them personally. By letting their anger roll off their back, the representative can stay calm and see the problem through until its resolution. Moreover, if a representative is at fault, being able to accept blame and remain calm is critical.

Keeping a customer’s happiness in mind and reconciling issues quickly speaks to the agility of a business and its employee’s training. A good way to practice with your representatives is to role play different scenarios. Begin with a pleasant customer and work your way through until you deal with an irate customer. Coaching your staff through these different scenarios and giving them ways to develop their skills strengthens their ability to respond when it is go time.

In addition, offering opportunities for customer feedback regarding their experience will make sure that your team’s training is working or in need of improvement.

Do you have any tips for better customer service? Talk to us in the comments.




Jennifer Dunn

Jennifer Dunn

Contributor at Fundera
Jennifer Dunn is a small business contributor for Fundera and owner of Social Street Media. She is also the community manager at GoDaddy Online Bookkeeping, and her long-standing life goal is to learn something new every day.
Jennifer Dunn