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8 Inspiring Podcasts Every Small Business Owner Needs to Download

Rieva Lesonsky

Rieva Lesonsky

Contributor at Fundera
Rieva Lesonsky is a small business contributor for Fundera and CEO of GrowBiz Media, a media company. She has spent 30+ years covering, consulting and speaking to small businesses owners and entrepreneurs.
Rieva Lesonsky

Today’s professional is busier than ever. With crazy work schedules, spending time with family and friends, cooking dinner, and maybe even working out every once and a while, when are we supposed to enjoy a quiet afternoon of reading?

If you’re looking for a way to get business know-how, inspiration, and ideas—but don’t have time to read business books, business podcasts may be the perfect solution.

A few years ago, I highlighted 10 business podcasts entrepreneurs should check out. With new podcasts popping up every week, I decided to highlight eight more.

1. If you’re a software entrepreneur: Startups for the Rest of Us

If you own or want to start a software business, check out Startups for the Rest of Us. Between them, the two hosts have more than 20 years of experience as software entrepreneurs. They share their wisdom with the goal of helping “developers, designers, and entrepreneurs be awesome at launching software products.” Weekly podcasts cover everything from lean startups to hiring and managing remote developers and how to use virtual assistants to be more productive.

2. If you like Fast Company magazine: Hack to Start

The Hack to Start podcast focuses on interesting people, including entrepreneurs, experts, venture capitalists, and employees at big-name companies like Facebook. What all of them have in common is they used innovative strategies and original ideas to achieve success. Each episode is guaranteed to leave you feeling energized and inspired.

3. If you wish you had a mentor: Mixergy

Mixergy is a website where ambitious people can learn from mentors and online courses. With interviews of more than a thousand entrepreneurs, its podcasts cover a wide variety of topics ranging from case studies of entrepreneurial startups, to interviews with business owners who sold their companies or how-tos drawn from personal experience, such as “How to recover from a cash flow crisis without mortgaging your home.”

4. If you’re a mom with a business: Mom Biz Solutions

Mom Biz Solutions’ host specializes in business coaching for business owners who are also moms. The topics her podcast covers will resonate with any mompreneur (as will the funny stories about the chaos of balancing business and parenting). However, even non-moms can benefit from discussions like “Financial Metrics and What Really Matters” or the “Mindset Buster” series, which debunks myths like “I have to work all the time to make any money” and “I have to be available for my clients 24/7.”

5. If you want to make money lying on the couch: Smart Passive Income

Creating an online business that brings in consistent passive income sounds like a dream come true. Pat Flynn made it a reality, and each week on his Smart Passive Income podcast, he shares tips and advice to help you do the same. Featured interviews include industry experts and other successful entrepreneurs, all armed with practical tips on topics such as getting started in video advertising, selling on Amazon, and building relationships with influencers.  

6. If you’re in a creative field: Being Boss

If it seems like every business podcast you listen to features a white guy interviewing a bunch of other white guys about software, give Being Boss a listen. Hosts Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon have created a podcast for creative entrepreneurs, including writers, artists, and graphic designers that acknowledges the “rebel” nature of this tribe. The two hosts specialize in business coaching and branding, and their podcasts cover everything from “being real” on social media to when you need a lawyer and why it’s important to be humble.

7. If you’re a minority woman: Brown Ambition

If women are underrepresented in business podcasts, women of color are even more so. Enter Brown Ambition, “a weekly podcast about career, business, building wealth, and living in this brown skin” hosted by a journalist and an entrepreneur. Both women of color, the hosts post weekly discussions with each other and a range of guests on career advancement, entrepreneurship, and how personal life intersects with both. Topics range from why you need a prenuptial agreement to financial management advice and business startup stories.

8. If you want to work less and live more: The New Business Podcast

Podcast host Chris Ducker experienced an epiphany when he burned out on his business in 2009. He set a new goal to become a “virtual CEO”—and succeeded. Today, he only works six hours a day, four days a week. The New Business Podcast shares inspiration and ideas on topics such as personal branding, delegating, marketing, outsourcing, and being more productive, all with the goal of helping you do more in less time so you can enjoy life. Solopreneurs will find this podcast especially valuable.

If you’re too busy to read a book, check out podcasts. Listening to a business podcast during your commute or even at lunch is a fantastic way to learn something new while you’re on the go.

Editorial Note: Any opinions, analyses, reviews or recommendations expressed in this article are those of the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, approved, or otherwise endorsed by any of these entities.
Rieva Lesonsky

Rieva Lesonsky

Contributor at Fundera
Rieva Lesonsky is a small business contributor for Fundera and CEO of GrowBiz Media, a media company. She has spent 30+ years covering, consulting and speaking to small businesses owners and entrepreneurs.
Rieva Lesonsky

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