New eBook: The Small Business Owner’s Holiday Checklist (AKA — What Not to Forget Before You Head Home to Celebrate)

Updated on December 16, 2020
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The holidays are an exciting time for everyone. And just because you’re a busy small business owner doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy some downtime with family and friends during the holiday season, too.

But as a dedicated small business owner who always has their mind on their business, it might be hard to step away for a much deserved break.

To make the stress of closing up shop for the holidays easier for you, we’ve put together the definitive guide on how to prepare your business for holiday closures.

Use this checklist to cover all your bases before you head home to celebrate!
Here are a few things you’ll learn…

  • How to plan your vacation
  • What to tell customers and business partners
  • Who else needs to be notified
  • How to lock your business doors without worries
  • Tips for returning in full form to your business


Georgia McIntyre
Director of Content Marketing at Fundera

Georgia McIntyre

Georgia McIntyre is the director of content marketing at Fundera.

Georgia has written extensively about small business finance, specializing in business lending, credit cards, and accounting solutions. 

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