Why Small Business Owners Should Take Time Off This Summer

Updated on January 31, 2020
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You pull all-nighters, can’t hold a conversation without work being the topic, and you find yourself completely withdrawn from the world outside your business. It’s time to recognize that you need a (well-deserved) break.

Small business owners should take time off. Sure, you’re thinking you don’t have the time, or that you can’t leave your staff, or maybe that things won’t get done without you. But think about it another way; you can use this as an opportunity to show your team how much you trust them—that you believe in them enough to hold down the fort in your absence.

Truthfully, putting in those long days and being attached to your computer and phone constantly may actually make you less productive, not to mention that you increasingly run the risk of bringing on irritability and memory loss.

A recent study by The Center of Creative Leadership shows that 78% of executives, managers and professionals who use smartphones for work are connected 13.5 or more hours a day, five days a week. Plus, they spend about five hours on the weekends connected as well- for a total of 72 hours a week. That equates to 67% more time than the U.S. average of a 43-hour work week.

So how about we shoot to cut that down to an hour or two a day for a few days, all from the comfort of say…a beach chair? a hammock?

If you need more convincing that small business owners should take time off, here are 3 reasons why you should give yourself a timeout:

1.  You’ll get to clear your mind.
Relaxing for a few days can allow so much opportunity for you to regain focus and in turn, spark a business idea or two… or 20. That brain of yours has been on overload, so when it gets a chance to clear out, who knows what it may come up with. Grab a good book, play a round of golf and manage to stay productive while relaxing.

2. You’ll spend time with family & friends.
For a brief moment, remember why you do what you do. Everything you have to get done for your business will be there later or even tomorrow. Relax for a moment and focus on the people who might have been the ones who inspired you start your own business in the first place.

3. You’ll build your energy back up (and probably your immune system, too).
When was the last time you slept more than a few hours? Imagine coming back to the office on a full night’s sleep. The benefits to even just a relaxing weekend or change of surroundings can be epic. Plus, if you are sleep-deprived and stressed out, you are more likely to catch a cold or something worse, and end up missing work anyway. Use this time to take care of your overall health.

We know how demanding your position is and how vital you are to the growth and success of your business, but we also understand the toll that can take on your mind and body. So stay in touch, but take some time to yourself too.

Christina Haberstroh

Christina Haberstroh