Summer Slump: 11 Ways Your Business Can Avoid It and Keep Up Productivity

Updated on August 31, 2020
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A majority of workers feel distracted during the summer months, with 53% of workers reporting an increase in distraction from Memorial Day to Labor Day. This phenomenon, dubbed the “summer slump,” can have a big impact on your bottom line.

An increase in distraction causes a decrease in motivation, with 1 in 4 employees feeling less productive during summertime. Further, a majority of employees feel that their employers aren’t doing enough to prevent burnout.

Many industries also see a decline in business throughout the summer, which can make employees feel even less inclined to work hard. But even when sales slow, there are always things your employees can be working on to improve your business as a whole. Jump to our infographic to learn 11 actionable ways to prevent the summer slump, or keep reading for more tips!

In order to avoid the summer slump in your office, you’re going to need to adopt creative strategies to inspire engagement and keep your well-oiled machine operating at maximum capacity. Keep these tips in mind during the summer months:

  1. Avoid burnout by giving workers more flexibility during summer months. Encourage vacation days and offer flexible work perks such as summer hours and work from home days.
  2. Create a laid back office atmosphere reflective of the slow season by relaxing the dress code, offering employee free time, and allowing furry friends to visit during work hours.
  3. Switch up routine to keep employees engaged. Taking meetings offsite, scheduling team building activities, and promoting training and development are all great ways to mix up a traditional work day in order to keep things interesting.

If your office is experiencing the summer slump, don’t panic. Remember that many other business owners are facing similar setbacks this time of year.

While the summer slump is normal, there are steps you should be taking to minimize this impact on your business.Some of the best ways to avoid the summer slump include tossing out tradition and adopting strategies aimed at preventing burnout and increasing motivation.

Keep reading for 11 actionable ways your business can prevent or minimize the summer slump.


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